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Anyone moved child from state to private school (or just moved schools!) at end if reception?

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frazzeled Wed 12-Mar-14 22:12:53

My DD us in a good state school, but stuggeling for various reasons. We have the opportunity to move her to an excellent local, small private school in September. Objectively the reasons to move her make sense - but I'm really worried about making the right choice for her. Has anyone done this and had good /bad experience in doing so?

ddmommy Wed 12-Mar-14 22:46:54

I think others' experience might not be relevant much - people move for different reasons.

The main question is whether you think the reasons she is struggling in the current school will not be there in the new school.

Otherwise, moving from a good to an excellent AND smaller school sounds like a good move, especially considering that something is not right at the current school.

If you are worried about her adjustment to the new school - in my DD's 3 years at school so far, new girls have joined in R as well as Y1 and all have fit in and adjusted quickly. No one thinks of them as "new girls" for long.

sunnydaylucy Thu 13-Mar-14 16:06:50

We have had to relocate for job reasons a few times, 2 youngest DD's have moved in Reception, Y1 & Y2. They have both settled well each time. Being the new girl is always a novelty and helps the settling in period, ask the school what they do, buddy systems have worked well with my girls but each school is different. I haven't moved from state to private though but I imagine its similar.
Moving a DD in Y5, now that's a different matter...!

slowcomputer Thu 13-Mar-14 17:03:11

My daughter is going to move at the end of reception - she didn't get into our first choice school for reception and has been offered a year 1 place there. I really don't think it'll bother her and her current head thinks she will take it in her stride - he said that at that age the reaction varies from nothing at all to a bit of crying but he has never met a child who has any long term problems from moving between R and year 1.

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