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When to move?

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irisblue Wed 12-Mar-14 13:04:00

My DS is due to start Reception in September. We had planned (for work etc) to move out of London next year thereby giving him a year at school before moving him to a new one in the country. However, having started to look into it, it's hit me that because we'll be moving him to a popular area, he might not get into the (oversubscribed) school of our choice and be allocated one that isn't so great. We'd therefore put him on a waiting list for the good school and move him if/when a place comes up. BUT, this would mean potentially 3 moves for him in the space of a couple of years.

My question is should we just rush andmove now (therefore moving schools only once or maybe not at all if we're really lucky)? Would that be better for him or are children more adaptable than I think and are three potential moves not that bad?

Thank you!

2cats2many Wed 12-Mar-14 22:29:03

You've missed the main round admissions so even if you move now, your application will be treated the same as if you moved in a year's time.

You won't have to move schools three times, but you may still have to move twice depending on whether you get a place at your preferred school from September.

Will moving involve selling and buying a house? If so, is it likely to go through that quickly anyway?

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