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Help in picking a good primary school

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CarolineDaly Tue 11-Mar-14 11:33:26

Hi all, we are moving to a new area to be nearer my parents for childcare support. How do I find out about good primary schools? I don't know anyone to ask locally. Advice appreciated! Thanks

spammytrollface Tue 11-Mar-14 11:38:09

Have a look at the council website for nearby schools and look at how far away from the school children were admitted.

You may find there is actually very little choice of school that you can get a place at, in practice.

BambooBear13 Tue 11-Mar-14 14:00:47

I second the post above. Look at which may be an option for you and then visit

Pootles2010 Tue 11-Mar-14 14:07:25

Do you mean you've decided where to live, or that you will use schools as factor in choosing where to live OP?

CarolineDaly Tue 11-Mar-14 19:38:02

Hi all, We have decided the broad area but that involves about 4 villages q spread out. As our eldest is due to start primary in 2yrs, I would like to b in the catchment area for good schools.

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