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Can we talk about Ofsted? Recently had a visit!

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OfstedOrganised Mon 10-Mar-14 18:00:29

As the title says. I'm a regular who's name changed as would like to be able to talk a bit more freely without the worry of people identifying me.

SapphireMoon Mon 10-Mar-14 18:06:26

So, how did it go?

MissBeehiving Mon 10-Mar-14 18:09:27

Oh, please share, we're expecting one this year sad

OfstedOrganised Mon 10-Mar-14 18:25:50

As a school it wasn't great if I'm honest.

SapphireMoon Mon 10-Mar-14 18:27:42

Do you know the result [unofficially] already?
Think new ofsted very tough couple of days for a school.

OfstedOrganised Mon 10-Mar-14 18:31:29

Yes we know! Worried what the reaction from parents is going to be!

SapphireMoon Mon 10-Mar-14 18:34:00

Are you a teacher or a governor? Have you seen got an idea about the draft report? Has the school accepted the 'verdict'?
I feel for you.

OfstedOrganised Mon 10-Mar-14 18:38:55

I am a teacher! My encounter was positive and my feedback was very good. Everyone I work with in my team was given a good grade, which under the new framework I was very pleased with.
I asked how I could boost this to outstanding and they said that one way to do this would be for more children 'exceeding' their level targets each year!! Unfortunately, Other areas of the school got RI and there for all teaching was graded RI. I just hope they say some positives in the report or I fear the parents will be complaining!

SapphireMoon Mon 10-Mar-14 18:48:45

So tough on a school.
So will you have to wait about 3 weeks for official result/ read of the report?
How is the SLT reacting?

OfstedOrganised Mon 10-Mar-14 18:53:18

They are madly writing action plans etc as we will be revisited within 3 months to see if we are addressing all the action points!

SapphireMoon Mon 10-Mar-14 18:57:01

As soon as public, parents will need to be told.
3 Months is a tight time frame for RI. Just think, used to be Satisfactory.
I have seen some quite positive looking RI reports.
Scary really.

Ruprekt Mon 10-Mar-14 18:59:12

We had Ofsted In Oct and got our result 3rd week of Feb.

We got Inadequate. confusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfused

Very very disappointing for everyone.

Didnt go into special measures...but only just. hmm

OfstedOrganised Mon 10-Mar-14 20:10:56

We know our result but haven't seen the report yet!

tiggytape Mon 10-Mar-14 22:36:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Effic Mon 10-Mar-14 22:41:51

If you are RI, why are you having a monitoring visit? By whom?

OfstedOrganised Mon 10-Mar-14 22:54:31

The montioring visit will be from an HMI person to support the school and make any further Reccomendations.

Then a full inspection within 18months.

The parents will find out our grade and see the report this week can't wait. hmm

Viviennemary Mon 10-Mar-14 22:57:20

I can't wait for the day when that tyrannical organisation ceases to exist.

Ruprekt Tue 11-Mar-14 12:10:51

Since our grading came out, the communication from school has been much better.

Got 3 parent forums coming up too.

kilmuir Tue 11-Mar-14 12:13:22

Do you feel their observations were correct/justified?

LowCloudsForming Tue 11-Mar-14 12:14:46

Focus on the specific and immediate action plan to improve the school. That is what parents will want to see.

Ruprekt Tue 11-Mar-14 12:16:22

We did not deserve Inadequate.

We thought we would get RI as our data was not high enough for Good.

Not sure the HT stood up for us enough.

EdgeOfNowhere Tue 11-Mar-14 12:26:22

My DCs school just received RI.

Didn't bother me. I already knew their English was bad and if English was bad you're not going to do well at Ofsted.

Didn't tell me anything I didn't already know about the school. Ie the report reflected my DCs experiences very well.

HT sent home a letter with the report saying what they were addressing and how. I thought he handled it well.

I'm convinced things, that I care about (like English) will improve now.

The school does need improvement in some areas. But it's still the right school for my DC.

SmileAndNod Tue 11-Mar-14 12:51:52

Our school had ofsted in very recently, and we (parents) are waiting for the report. Previously a 'good' school but I'm sure parents are aware that the way schools are graded has changed, so won't be too disappointed? Feel a bit nervous for the staff but whatever the result, DS is very happy there.

Morebiscuitsplease Tue 11-Mar-14 18:41:20

Awaiting judgement on our school too. We had outstanding, so was surprised to hear they were visiting before the three years. School is good in many ways but not outstanding (results barely average), so will be interesting to see the published report. Feel sorry for the staff that are truly fab....

shebird Tue 11-Mar-14 19:37:10

There is an imminent inspection at my DCs school as it was satisfactory two years ago. There have been lots of staff changes with some NQTs joining this year so it will be interesting to see how it all goes.

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