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Yr 3/4 Science

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Doowrah Mon 10-Mar-14 17:59:51

Hi I am an NQT teaching Year2 Head given me 4days notice that I am to teach yr3/4 science for 7 weeks. been told to do at1 and cover fair tests anyone got good suggestions as to what I could do and where I can get a scheme of work. Felling a tad abandoned by my school.


Doowrah Mon 10-Mar-14 18:00:51

Apologies for errors am multi-tasking for England as I type!

YoullNeedATray Mon 10-Mar-14 18:53:37

First - Don't Panic!

Second - talk to the Science coordinator at your school. They should be able to give you their SoW. At a bare minimum, you need to know what topics they have already covered (no point planning loads on temperature if they did it last term, for example).

You also need to know whether they are doing old or new curriculum as you could be doing either in yr 3/4 right now. I've just taught 'Changes of State' under the new curriculum which entailed lots of fresh planning to include the changes.

Are you a theme/topic-based school? If so, what's the current topic?

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