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setting up a 'Box of self maintaining learning Activities' for 7 year old boy

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SlateTiles Fri 07-Mar-14 12:13:09

...who is bright but has some behavioural difficulties. He sometimes cannot cope emotionally with the whole class activity and needs to go and do something a bit different.

so... we are trying to set up a box of activities that he can dip in and out of. We are taking his interests in football and cars into account so are setting up little mini projects for him. I have got some maths investigations and puzzles too. any other ideas for simple activities that are not too worksheet-tastic, but also do not need ongoing adult input? I need lots of variety!

any ideas, please?

QuiteQuietly Fri 07-Mar-14 14:00:51

Rush hour game is good and often in our local charity shops for about 50p.

Can he play chess? You could print off junior versions of those chess puzzles you find in newspapers with a chess board and checkmate in x moves.

Tangrams? Cut the shapes out from sturdy-ish cardboard and print out the silhouettes he needs to form from the pieces. I have a book of 1000 which I have been working my way through for years - some really are hard!

Sudokus of different types and difficulties.

Rubix cube? I have a cube in a toilet cupboard and retreat there to solve it a few times when life (ie small children) get a bit too much mentally - like a fag break for OCD non-smokers!

Everyone should have one of your boxes in my opinion.

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