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The Falcons Pre-Prep, Chiswick

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DailyBread Fri 07-Mar-14 01:25:39

Does anyone have any experience of this school? Seems lovely based on the Open Day.

CAM123 Fri 07-Mar-14 17:22:10

Also interested in knowing more - prefer the idea of a co-ed but interested in hearing opinions. Want a school that will bring the best out of my son as I've seen in pre school how he can slip under the radar a tad and just been left to his own devices more than I would like.

Not sure how I feel about the preparing for 7+/8+ (though do I saw from other posts more of a focus on 13+ than 11+ which feels odd?). Used to think that sounded terrible as school that young shouldn't be exam driven but more discovery led. But now, after pre school frustrations, am wondering if that could be reassuring that at least he will be at a certain level.

Argh very confusing! Oh and do they have a school bus as we are a little far to walk (if it's pelting down) but it's not that near any good transport link for us...

Otherwise, any other good schools in Chiswick / Kew / Richmond that do 7+ etc?

HopelessDei Wed 26-Mar-14 03:55:38

Bump? blush

nudgeyone1 Fri 14-Oct-16 13:05:05

We are looking at Falcon Pre-prep and Chiswick and Bedford Park (CBBP) Schools for our son. From what we can tell Falcons, now that they have a prep school have a greater incentive to keep boys to 13 while CBBP will move them on at 7+.

Both seem like lovely schools and I would welcome any thoughts from those who have experience of both or either

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