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reading age question

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marmitecat Thu 06-Mar-14 18:54:25

Ds was assessed to have the following reading age:

Accuracy 9y 8m
Comprehension 8y 10m
Rate 12y 11m

He is 8y 3m

Do I conclude from this that he rather rushed the test so his accuracy and comprehension should be higher if he's making an effort?

jaffacakesallround Thu 06-Mar-14 19:23:49

What is 'Rate'? Is it reading speed- words per minute? I don't have that particular score on my reading assessments under that name.
Which assessment did he do?

It means his reading is better clearly than his comprehension.

It is not possible to rush the test: he reads in his own time and answers in his own time. The teacher or assessor should have made sure he was relaxed and knew there were no time limits.

It is very common for children to be able to read at a certain level yet not understand fully what they have read.

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