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Y1- better reading partnership

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Yvonne99 Tue 04-Mar-14 18:28:27

My DD (y1) brought a letter today saying that she will take part in a better reading course. Two sessions a week are on top of usual class sessions.
Until today we were not aware that her reading is not progressing well enough. Actually I thought it is her strength. She is at level 13 and I was told kids are expected to reach level 16 by the end of year 1. She enjoys reading. We read at least one school book every day and she also reads on her own books of her own choice.
I know that literacy is her weakness...
Should I be worried?

givemeaclue Tue 04-Mar-14 18:55:23

What do you mean by literacy is her weakness but reading is one of her strengths? This sounds contradictory?

It may be that the extra work she is doing is because she is good at reading, not that she is struggling. Schools do work with those at the top end too. Why don't you speak to the teacher and find out?

columngollum Tue 04-Mar-14 19:00:02

What is the reading scheme called?

mrz Tue 04-Mar-14 19:09:25

Better Reading Partnership is a light touch short term reading intervention (usually 10 weeks of 3X 15 mins) where the child reads 1-1 with a trained partner (usually a parent volunteer) to improve reading skills

YoullNeedATray Tue 04-Mar-14 19:16:53

BRP is great! I have a TA who works miracles with children through this. My own son made HUGE progress with this and his confidence grew so much.

Yvonne99 Tue 04-Mar-14 20:38:07

My DD weakness is writing. And she is extremely shy. The course may give her the boost then!
Any more feedback appreciated.

nonicknameseemsavailable Tue 04-Mar-14 21:06:45

I wish my daughter could have something like this - she can read very well but she can't segment at all... noone seems to care though.

These programmes are supposed to be excellent, both with the basic reading and writing skills but also with confidence and just learning to express themselves I believe. They certainly always seem to get very positive feedback. It sounds a good opportunity for her.

Fuzzymum1 Wed 05-Mar-14 06:43:36

I am trained in BRP and every child I have done the course with has made really good progress - it's varied from about 6 months - 2.5 years improvement in reading age over the ten weeks - one child went from having an attitude of "I'm not a good reader and I don't like reading" to "I love books and reading and I'm really good at it now" His confidence in many areas in his life improved too.

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