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Alty prep, Hale Prep, Forrest, Ambrose - which one?

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NRJ3 Tue 04-Mar-14 16:45:23

Does anyone have advice regarding private prep schools in the Hale/Altrincham Cheshire area.

I was really keen on co-ed for primary for my little boy. Was very impressed with Hale, but don't think he will get in now unless we move him at second intake which I am not keen to do.

APS seems very good, but I am concerned about the slightly overboyish and super sporty feel I got after visiting the headmaster. Don't get me wrong - I would be very pleased to see ds enjoying sport, and I do like the APS old school values of politeness and consideration too, but I was hoping for a less laddish environment for my boy - at least while he is little. Don't want him to grow up to assume that the only worthwhile conversation to be had revolves around football. I would hope that he could grow up to be well rounded and able to value, enjoy the company of and relate well with women.

Also, the school have been quite evasive about exam results. Anyone know the latest pass rate for grammar school entrance?


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