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Hackney Schools: Benthal, Shacklewell, Northwold

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daytimebath Tue 04-Mar-14 13:49:20

I'm moving to Stoke Newington with a nursery age child and a Y4 child. I think we have a chance at getting places at Benthal, Shacklewell and Northwold. We are too far from William Patten, which would be my first choice.

I have heard mixed things about all of these schools. When we bought the house (nearly two years ago) Benthal seemed lovely but in the time it's taken us to do it up and actually relocate, all the teachers appear to have left, and the lovely deputy who showed us around has retired!

I know we have to take what we are given, but if we do get a choice, which of these should we go for? I have a son and a daughter, both easy going and adaptable. My son is working at mid-high L4 in all subjects so I'd like a school that does not settle for the average. All views welcome.

Cornishmaid1979 Mon 12-May-14 12:15:20

Hi there...I'm just wondering if you had any feedback to this or had made a decision. We are in a very similar area with the choice of Northwold or Benthal. I was dismayed at how dilapidated Benthal seemed on my tour (last November) and really impressed by Northwold, but would be very interested to know what you have decided and for what reasons...

frenchtoast1975 Wed 17-Dec-14 12:38:02

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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