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Allocations day

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Edenviolet Tue 04-Mar-14 13:00:10

What day do primary allocations come out?

Starting to get anxious as have put down an out of catchment school as our only option and praying that we get the sibling link!

givemeaclue Tue 04-Mar-14 13:02:33

Normally in April. Can understand why you are nervous if you only put one schools down.

Edenviolet Tue 04-Mar-14 13:05:39

Because although we have a sibling link we are not in catchment and there are loads of siblings in catchment. Its a small chance we won't get in but I'm nervous still.

Edenviolet Tue 04-Mar-14 13:06:38

Sorry thought you put can't not can ! I need to stop trying to mn whilst holding ds2 and putting dds lunch out as I'm not concentrating!

TheArticFunky Tue 04-Mar-14 13:10:58

16th April. Slightly nervous however it's our local school and based on last years figures we should be ok. I'm not 100% confident though.

JabberJabberJay Tue 04-Mar-14 13:11:57

Wednesday 16 April is National Offers Day for primary school places.

Can I ask why you only put one school down OP? It's a risky strategy as I'm sure you're aware.

GoatsHaveStrangeEyes Tue 04-Mar-14 13:19:17

I'm feeling nervous as we changed our preference order on the last day before allocation began! I've been told the application will be considered in the first round. But then I overheard the receptionists saying they had more applications than places confused

BambooBear13 Tue 04-Mar-14 13:33:00

As long as it was before the deadline and gig a confirmation email you should be fine

Edenviolet Tue 04-Mar-14 13:49:22

All dcs not well and I don't drive so need them all at same/near schools in case I need to go to them during the day.

If dd doesn't get a place I will have to keep her at home and on the waiting list till one comes up.

GoatsHaveStrangeEyes Tue 04-Mar-14 14:39:09

I didn't get a confirmation email I got told over the phone. Is that bad?

ApocalypticBlackHorseman Wed 05-Mar-14 13:07:24

We're waiting for news of a place as well, though it's for middle school. The allocation date is the same. We're higher priority due to catchment and feeder school but it's not our nearest school. I really don't want DS at the nearest school so I'll be glad when we get to the 16th.

hootloop Wed 05-Mar-14 13:13:46

I am dreading it, the school I put second has merged with a failing school nearby and I am now not keen I put it as it was small infant but as of September it is a large primary across two sites.
We should get first choice, another small infant school where she goes to nursery, as it is our local school and we have a sibling at the linked junior school so sibling priority applies but the school is outstanding and although it is our closest school we are on the edge if its usual area. We are almost on the border of the next authority.

DeWe Wed 05-Mar-14 13:36:48

I always put down a second even with the sibling link just in case. Because if a mistake was made and I didn't get it, then I'd rather I had my second best school while waiting for the appeal rather than the one no one else wants. I think it would take the pressure off somewhat.

mumofthemonsters808 Wed 05-Mar-14 13:47:58

I'm not very hopeful that we will get our first choice. Even though DS goes to the nursery, it is a church school and there are a lot of siblings in his nursery class. One of the Mums told me there had been 150 applications (not sure how she knows this) for 60 places. I think DS is at the bottom of the list. Second and third choice schools are not up to much but at least he will have a school place. So I'm preparing myself for the fact he will probably end up going to one of these.

FrimpongDench Wed 05-Mar-14 13:53:30

Theoretically we're in top category behind LAC and medical needs etc but there's always the fear that a Catholic orphanage has secretly opened next door to the school I filled the online form out wrong and the confirmation email was incorrect.

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