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looking for a tutor/ teacher for little one

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number3ontheway Sun 02-Mar-14 20:02:40

I am looking for a very gentle tutor/ teacher to help my ds. He is 2.5. I am a working mum and I would like someone to help gently prepare him with games/ activities that will underpin future academics as eventually I plan to sit him for 5+. Whilst I realise that is far away I want to help him with skills in a fun way. I am looking for just an hour or week to start with. If you can help or know someone that can I would be very apprechiative if you could pm me. Thanks

mummy1973 Sun 02-Mar-14 20:43:46

I have no experience but does your lo go to nursery yet? Can you build on knowledge using educational games?

number3ontheway Sun 02-Mar-14 22:03:56

Yes he has just started nursery. I definately could do it myself but am time constrained and honestly just want some extra help.

Littlefish Mon 03-Mar-14 21:25:06

All you need to do is play with hm, talk with hm, sing with him, cook with him, shop with him etc. etc. etc. There really isn't anything else you need to do, particularly at 2.5 years old. Anything you do at home can be educational.

Make a piece of toast together and talk about the bread and how it changes.

Water the plants and talk about the fact that plants need light and water to help them grow.

Fold washing together - match up pairs of socks, talk about the different sizes of clothes for different people in the family.

Count the stairs as you walk up and down them.

Play taking turn games to encourage co-operation.

You really, really, really don't need to pay anyone to do those things.

mumteacher Tue 04-Mar-14 19:01:30

Lots here to support you. Could your home help "play" with him - might mean you leaving /selected activities for your help to do with him.

noramum Tue 04-Mar-14 19:38:30

introduce numbers and letters in your daily life, there are great ones made from foam for the bath tub and magnets for the kitchen fridge or a board.

Play lots of games involving numbers, shapes, colours, Orchard Games are great.

Get art&craft stuff to develop fine motor skills. Read to him every day, sing songs, get a dress up box and pretend play items for role-play.

The nursery will do very similar teaching.

Check how your nursery does the pre-school setting and what they teach and how they teach. If you would get a tutor he/she won't do anything different. Mainly because a 3 year old is not able to do anything different. Their cognitive development is not so developed, no teaching will change it.

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