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TV for 7 year old boy

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pimplypoppet Sun 02-Mar-14 20:02:34

My DS is 7 years old year 2. He's always loved CBeebies, particularly things like number jacks and alpha blocks followed by an almost obsessive love for Octonauts for a few years. He's also recently enjoyed jake and the never land pirates and curious George on the Disney channel. They all seem too young for him now though. I don't want to stick him endlessly in front of CBBC so would love some recommendations of what your children like? He is quite quiet and not a particularly boisterous boy at all. He also has a younger sister so dont want programmes that could be wildly inappropriate for her. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

mummy1973 Sun 02-Mar-14 20:45:52

I have a son coming up for 7. He loves Horrid Henry, Horrible Histories and Newsround!

GreenerthanGrass Sun 02-Mar-14 20:49:03

My 7 year old boys like Deadly 60/ Deadly pole to pole, How to be Epic at everything, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry and Horrible Histories

Skiingmaniac Sun 02-Mar-14 20:49:10

My 7 yr old loves: horrible histories, deadly 60, blue peter, news round and various art programs

Innogen Sun 02-Mar-14 20:49:51

Nickelodeon? Mine loved that at 7-12.

CorrieDale Sun 02-Mar-14 20:51:48

Scooby doo and Tom & jerry here. Personally I have a soft spot for Ben & holly!

ouryve Sun 02-Mar-14 20:53:34

Things that DS1 got into when he "officially" outgrew cbeebies include Copycats, Horrible Histories 4 O'Clock Club and Roy. He hates Tracy beaker and Young Dracula, both of which seem to be on constantly. He also enjoys more family orientated shows on other channels, like Pointless, Family Fortunes, The Chase and The Cube.

To be honest, though, he still enjoys watching cbeebies and milkshake!

littleblackno Sun 02-Mar-14 20:56:28

My 6 and 8 year old like cbbc and citv, some of the programmes are a bit old for them but I tend to record stuff they like.
They also LOVE you've been framed!

sittingbythepoolwithenzo Sun 02-Mar-14 21:00:59

I have a 7 year old, and he is my second dc, so has watched CBBC a but earlier than my eldest did.

Love Dennis the Menace, Horrible Histories, Newsround, Copycats, Splatalot (?? Is that right?).

Also adores Total Wipeout. He found Total Wipeout Australia on catchup tv today.

Algea Sun 02-Mar-14 21:01:06

Look out for anything to do with 'How to train your dragon.' Fab film and fab series that my DSs love. Exciting but not in a flash, bang, crash way.

Second any deadly 60 stuff too.

Scooby do, ninja turtles, ben 10 all a hit here.

And yes, we all watch you've been framed too!

DoneWithStruggling Sun 02-Mar-14 21:01:55

DS is seven and is a bit of a "delicate flower". He likes Andy's Dinosaur Adventures (on Cbeebies) and has recent discovered Deadly 60 which is on CBBC with Steve Backshall looking for animals around the world. All of mine like Swashbuckle on Cbeebies and Splatalot on CBBC. He likes Dennis and Gnasher (on CBBC?) as well and has really got into older Beanos as a result (not the modern day ones which are absolute carp). He is very partial to Peppa Pig, but claims to only put it on for his little sister... Apparently he loves Deal or No Deal at Grandma's house.

I am very selective with CBBC as personally I think a lot of it is unsuitable for my 9 yo, nevermind the 7 & 4's.

poppins30 Sun 02-Mar-14 21:03:43

My LO is 7 (8 tomorrow!) and loves Cartoon Network - Adventure Time and Regular Show being his favourites.

He also has a thing for quiz shows at the moment, which I don't watch but he watches with his Grandma. Always asks to watch The Chase when he's there and they have TV time.

I have to admit I like Adventure Time but I'm not sure it's suitable for younger children.

littleblackno Sun 02-Mar-14 21:05:06

My ds likes all quiz shows apparently he knows all the answers just doesn't say them quick enough!

Kewcumber Sun 02-Mar-14 21:06:40

Yes most of those but also DS has absolutely adored Arthur (though at 8 the obsession is beginning to wear off)

feathermucker Sun 02-Mar-14 21:40:49

Mine watches Top Gear, Horrid Henry, Splatalot, Total Wipeout, loves quiz shows, Dic and Dom shows, likes Dave too, Man vs Food. .......but then he's a boisterous, outgoing boy so I dont know if that influences his choices at all?

pimplypoppet Sun 02-Mar-14 21:59:09

Thanks so much for all your replies! That's really helpful. Have a feeling horrible histories in going to be right up his street!

LooksGoodWrappedUp Sun 02-Mar-14 22:05:30

Ds LOVES Adventure Time and the Regular Show, Johnny Test, Horrible Histories...

He's also a huge fan of Bear Grylis (sp), Mythbusters, How it's Made, Top Gear and You've been framed.

manchestermummy Mon 03-Mar-14 12:57:58

DD1 is a bit younger (6) but loves Total Wipeout, Horrid Henry and nature documentaries. She loved what was on over the weekend about giant squids hmm. Doesn't get to watch Blue Peter that often but enjoys that too, also likes My Parents are Aliens. Also likes Sooty but pretends not too (she has a younger sister).

Also loves the Voice (thanks MIL) but I'm confident that she'll like the X Factor too which is great for me as at long last I will have someone to watch it with!!!

noramum Mon 03-Mar-14 14:36:08

DD (6.5) starts to move into CBBC and loves Splatalot, Deadly Pole to Pole and Fierce Earth. She also loved the Junior-Bake off, Masterchef and Junior Vets and School for Stars but I think they are off at the moment.

She finds Just Kidding hillarious.

From CBeebies she still loves Grandpa in my pocket.

I think there is a huge gap between CBeebies and CBBC for 5-8 year olds. I think most of the sitcoms are above these age range. We normally watch it on Catch up and are quite selective.

pancakesfortea Mon 03-Mar-14 17:38:48

Mine love mainstream family entertainment. Pointless, countdown, strictly, the bake off etc. We will all be sitting down in front of the sport relief dog training thing at 630.

They also enjoy some CBBC shows - the nine year old likes the dramas and the six year old the factual / wildlife stuff.

spiderlight Mon 03-Mar-14 21:57:05

Mine is about to turn 7 and would watch Top Gear repeats on Dave all day and all night if he could. He also loves Eddie Stobart, Megatruckers and Ice Road Truckers, and all those World's Most Dangerous Roads/Airports/Railways type programmes. Basically if it's got wheels, he'll watch it! He loves Total Wipeout too, but mostly because it's got Richard Hammond in it. The only kids' channel he'll countenance watching is Boomerang, which is mostly Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther and Mr Bean. He adores Mr Bean, actually, especially some of the movies. I tried to get him to watch a Horrible Histories earlier today (he was off school ill) and he got about two minutes in and declared it boring.

Huitre Tue 04-Mar-14 10:12:55

I bought DD (7 and a half) the complete Fawlty Towers on DVD. She absolutely loves them.

comicsansisevil Tue 04-Mar-14 11:43:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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