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Games/educational tools for reading/writing/maths

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bluewisteria Sun 02-Mar-14 13:16:59

I thought I could start a thread on recommending games to encourage learning in reading, writing, maths, science...??

Learning resources really - either online, dvd's, cd's, workbooks etc for primary school level from reception to year 6.

Mine would be Teach Your Monster To Read. Created by Roehampton University to encourage phonics and ready. I have found it fantastic. After 20 mins a day for the past few months my 4 year old is joining up three letter words and reading them by herself, honestly it is incredible!!

Here is the link

Anyone else have any good recommendations to post...??

SallyELearns Thu 13-Mar-14 12:04:52

I am a teacher in a primary school where we have used Lexia successfully with our children for about ten years now. I bought a Lexia family license about a year ago so that my children could use the program at home. My twelve year old daughter was not a confident reader. My ten year old son has always been a good reader but was still keen to use the program. It does say it is suitable for children of all abilities. In order to make progress, Lexia recommends at least three 20 minute sessions a little but often. My son and daughter both have homework to do and are involved in a lot of clubs so Lexia has fitted in brilliantly.
The first time my children did Lexia, the program gave them an assessment test and, as a result, started them in a place in the program which was appropriate to their reading ability. They both started on the part of the program suitable for older children (Strategies for Older Students).
The Lexia graphics are colourful and motivational. If your child struggles with a particular skill, the program gives them extra practice without them really knowing they have made mistakes. As they complete different activities within a level, a rung on the activity ladder is filled to show them they are making progress.
As a parent I have found "managing" my children's work on Lexia relatively stress free. The program is now available on tablets and the i-pad which motivates my children to use it even more. Both my children’s reading has improved a great deal. My daughter’s English teacher has commented in the improvement in both her reading and writing, and the fact that she has become more confident in class.
Overall - In my opinion Lexia is a great motivational reading program for both boys and girls. I would strongly recommend it.

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