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App's to help with Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation test in year 6

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ICantFindAFreeNickName Sat 01-Mar-14 11:01:44

As the title says, does anyone know of any good app's that my daughter could use to help her practice for her sats in May.

clam Sat 01-Mar-14 18:17:37

Not sure if it comes in 'app' form, but the bbc skillswise site is good. So too is espresso, but not sure how to access it from home - we have a school account.

ICantFindAFreeNickName Sat 01-Mar-14 23:10:36

Thanks foe that clam. We will look at bbc skillwise. I think expresso is subscription only

WhoWasThatMaskedWoman Sat 01-Mar-14 23:25:19

I know this is normally considered bad form, but if you're working on grammar with your DD you do need to know that it's "apps" not "app's".

Apostrophes are used
a) to indicate possession
b) to indicate that a word has been contracted and a letter or letters has been missed out

Simple plurals never have an apostrophe.

I can't find a great child-friendly apostrophe rules site but this one seems OK. Lynne Truss's "The Girl's Like Spaghetti" is a fun book for children if you can find it in your library but not worth shelling out for.

PastSellByDate Sun 02-Mar-14 09:13:47

Hi I can't find:

Not apps but great resources:

St. Ambrose spelling pages - many on-line quizzes (most work but beware some don't so you'll have to keep a watchful eye) - to help review spelling rules: - start a bit below where your DD is at - even Y4 material - and work your way through. Each test takes 10 minutes max - usually much less.


TES iboard has a spelling practice game: - you can join even though a parent - just claim you're volunteering at a school - as there is no interested parent option for 'function'.


BBC Bitesize has some great review in English spelling & Grammar here: & generall in English here: - if you haven't encountered this - BBC Bitesize KS2 has reviews for KS2 SATs in Maths/ English & Science.


Woodlands Junior School literacy zone: - some great resources & games here by specific area.


primary words scrambled game is fun:


Highly recommend CGP literacy workbooks (look inside option here on amazon for Y4 book: - there doesn't appear to be a Year 6 - but Year 4/5 books were great fun (DD1 used these) - about 10 minutes for 2 pages - we used them last year (during Y5) whilst waiting for DD2 to finish ballet lesson.

Jellyandjam Sun 02-Mar-14 16:52:05

Mr Thorne has now got a grammar and punctuation app out. - mr Thorne Does Grammar.

ICantFindAFreeNickName Mon 03-Mar-14 18:33:02

Thanks for all the suggestions - Will have a look at them all

PolterGoose Mon 03-Mar-14 21:40:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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