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Moving to Newton Abbot in May and need help with Info for my children age 7 and 11.

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Tarryn007 Fri 28-Feb-14 18:49:57

Hello, this is my first time on this mumsnet and hoping someone can help me. My Husband has just received a new job offer in Devon and we where told that we should look at Newton Abbot as an area to live. we are coming from the east Midlands. We are viewing a house next week and Im hoping to get some advise on the primary and secondary schools for my daughter that is 7 yrs old and my boy that is 10 yrs that should be starting secondary school in Sept:
These are the schools close to the house we are looking at.

Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Highweek Community Primary and Nursery School
Bearnes Voluntary Primary School
Wolborough Church of England (Aided) Nursery and Primary School
All Saints CofE Primary School (Marsh)
Bradley Barton Primary School and Nursery Unit

Secondary School

Newton Abbot College
Coombeshead College
Teign School

I look forward to feed back!

gymgirl1 Fri 28-Feb-14 19:50:22

Worth looking at Broadhempston primary as well. 10 mins from Newton Abbott. Recently graded outstanding by ofsted in very area. Good luck OP.

Tarryn007 Sat 01-Mar-14 10:48:10

Thanks gymgirl1, will take a look, we still looking around the area as we don't know anything about it. Quite stressful to find a new school for the kids and the right area to live, and a 4 bedroom house. So if anyone has advice on what schools and what area is good for us that would be great!

greensnail Sat 01-Mar-14 19:27:55

We moved to Newton Abbot from Oxfordshire three years ago and are really happy here. My children are 5 and 3 so no experience of secondary schools yet although I've heard good things about Newton Abbot college. My children's primary isn't on your list but we have friends in most of the ones you have mentioned. St Joseph's is quite a small school, or friends who go there are Catholic and are very happy with it. Highweek doesn't seem to have the best reputation but I have a friend with a daughter there who is very happy with the school and feels it has improved greatly over recent years. Don't know a lot about Bearnes except that it is a very small school, right in the centre of town, the few things I've heard about it haven't been great. Don't know anyone at wolborough. Have heard all saints marsh is a lovely small school. Have a few good friends at Bradley Barton, they all speak very highly of it.

Good luck with the move!

Ferguson Sat 01-Mar-14 19:50:00

SMALL WORLD! When I retired after twenty years in schools, mostly as a primary TA, I did several more years of voluntary work, including support in ICT classes at Newton Abbot College (which previously was Knowles Hill School) and KS1 support at Bearnes.

Bearnes is a small school in the centre of town, in a slightly cramped but recently upgraded, Victorian building, and with a very caring and supportive staff. (It's a few years since I was there, but I just looked at their website, and many of the key staff are still there.) They also link with a rural school at Hennock, and share some special activities and events.

Just outside Newton Abbot, at East Ogwell, Canada Hill Primary is larger, has a modern building and playing fields etc, and a good reputation, but may well be oversubscribed.

Teign School is a couple of miles east of Newton Abbot; NA College is right in town, Coombeshead half a mile or less out. Coombeshead were (and probably still are) well known for sports, and the performing arts. NA College is possibly the more 'intimate' and supportive environment for the quieter, more sensitive child.

In the Torquay area there are also highly regarded Grammar Schools (selective entry).

Travel in the summer months, with Torbay and Dartmoor holiday traffic, is one of the few drawbacks to the area, and there is also additional housebuilding being considered for several areas, but that is true of many parts of the country.

Good luck, and come back if I can be of any more help. At least, these days with websites you can find out things that previously would have been difficult, if not impossible.

hermitcrab Sun 02-Mar-14 20:37:12

Have a dd1 at Newton Abbot College in Y7, and Dd2 at Bradley Barton. We've moved back to the area, both previously attended St Joes. Have been very impressed with Bradley Barton, great Head, good communication and the teachers seem very clued up. Outdoor classroom system for planning time is great. Dd has struggled to break into established friendship groups, but school is expanding so think that side of things will become easier.
Would look at the secondaries and ask some searching questions. NAC run an Express Group system...would check the criteria to get in, and also what proportion of the year will be in it. Behaviour in my Dd teaching group is pretty chaotic, yet to be sorted. NAC have dropped two classes, so still have groups of 30 or so. Two Express Groups, three 'mixed ability' classes. Teign and Coombeshead have kept their usual structure and have much smaller class sizes for the current Y7.

Tarryn007 Mon 03-Mar-14 22:15:02

Wow, Thank you to all of you this feed back is great and will certainly will help with our decisions! Will start looking into all the schools! I am so excited but at the same time I'm so nervous mostly about the schools and how it will effect the children. It was hard for them when we moved over from South Africa 6 yrs ago, and have tried to give them stability as much as we can but we think now would be the best time to branch out. So here is hoping we are making the right choices! Thanks again to all of you on help us! smile

Lulu2003 Sat 01-Apr-17 22:48:11

Hi we're moving to Newton Abbot this summer from London. Has anyone made a move down there and has any advice? Or lives there and knows the area? We've found a property but have to think about schools (have 5 year old and 3 year old). I'm also a teacher so will be looking for a job. Very excited but bit overwhelmed. Any tips much appreciated!

Newname20 Sun 02-Apr-17 17:35:33

What part of Newton Abbot are you moving to? It is a great area for young children, lots for them to do and lots of good schools to choose from, you can't really go far wrong!

Ferguson Sun 02-Apr-17 20:57:05

This is VERY OLD thread. Look back at my earlier 'post', and 'travel' has improved a bit, as a new by-pass road has now been built - after being promised for fifty years!

Newname20 Sun 02-Apr-17 21:40:05

Yes a very old thread but lulu2003's post is new.

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