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Primary School Duty of Care

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PetiteRebelle Fri 28-Feb-14 10:46:19

Today I dropped my son to school, watched him enter the building before I left the school (We are not allowed to take the children directly to class).

Got into the car started driving and soon after saw my son out of breath running alongside the car because he had forgotten his PE kit.

Obviously, I stopped the car gave him a stern talking to for leaving the school premises and walked him back to school. He was upset because he knew better but was afraid of the repercussions of not having his PE kit.

I called the school because I felt there should be some safeguards in place. Once he is inside the school building there should be no way of him getting out. Anyone could have snatched him but the school didn't see it that way, they're are of the opinion that he should know better.

I know he should never have taken such a risk but at the same time he is a child who I have intrusted into their care.

Shouldn't there be better safeguards?

BirthdayMuppet Fri 28-Feb-14 11:26:20

I would be livid that this was allowed to happen, and Ofted would be very interested indeed!

ForgettableTampon Fri 28-Feb-14 11:31:11

that is pretty bad

you need to approach school again, ask them to explain how he was able to leave the building and grounds and how they intend to secure the building from now on

do this in writing so there is a paper trail

I am not sure when to contact Ofsted, sometimes they require the parent/s to follow a process (raise with HT, if not satisfied raise with Governors, if not satisfied then take to Ofsted for eg) but certainly ring them for guidance/advice

SapphireMoon Fri 28-Feb-14 11:34:18

How old is he?
At our school care taker at one set of gates but are others and only one of him!
Teachers on playground duty in mornings.
School being bit defensive and maybe talk to them about whether a safeguarding issue...

PetiteRebelle Fri 28-Feb-14 11:51:34

Thanks for the advice, I received a call from his school a short while ago.

They said he was seen leaving the building by the deputy but he had his script in his hand and she was unaware he was planning to leave the school grounds. They've apologized and said it wouldn't happen again.


ForgettableTampon Fri 28-Feb-14 12:06:32

That's great

if you feel up to it do still write or email so there's written evi

PetiteRebelle Fri 28-Feb-14 12:12:56

I will do, it's the smart thing to do.

ForgettableTampon Fri 28-Feb-14 12:21:23

good gal

baffledmum Sat 01-Mar-14 22:41:55

Hi, Can I ask if this is a Nottingham school? It's just that something similar happened at my friend's son's school last year and she would be very concerned if this had happened a second time. On that occasion the child was also very worried about the repercussions of not having their PE kit... Please PM me if you don't want to say on the thread.

PetiteRebelle Sun 02-Mar-14 13:34:46

Hi Baffledmum, it's not. I'm based in North London but how frightfully similar.

Nocomet Sun 02-Mar-14 13:56:22

Unless reception it wouldn't hugely bother me, but I have a DD1 who specialised in slipping off unnoticed. She was very sensible and would have slipped back equally quietly if she didn't find me.

bishbashboosh Sun 02-Mar-14 16:21:15

It would depend on the age really?

AICM Sun 02-Mar-14 18:33:03

Speaking as a teacher I can say that actually if a child takes it upon themselves to leave the premises there is surprisingly little we can do. Maybe we should lock all the firedoors, post guards and build checkpoints.

Schools are by their nature open places with 10 teachers and 300 children it's literally impossible to watch very child for every second.

The key question is 'Is your child old enough to know better?'

If so have a stern word with him/her. If not have a quiet word.

AICM Sun 02-Mar-14 18:37:01

Ofted will be too busy inspecting bears to care.

RiversideMum Sun 02-Mar-14 19:12:35

Agree it depends on the age of the child.

BackforGood Sun 02-Mar-14 19:19:31

I'm with all the people that would like you to tell us how old he is....

Madcats Sun 02-Mar-14 19:41:49

Our school is Infants, with playgrounds, but it is/was made very clear to us that we are responsible for our children until the morning bell is rung, and after we have collected our children in the afternoon.

AICM Sun 02-Mar-14 19:52:53

Reading your post more carefully it says he is old enough to know better. So I'm guessing he's at least 7 or 8.

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