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New to the UK and struggling to make sense of attainment levels - Yr4

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notmydog Thu 27-Feb-14 23:43:05

Hi, please can someone give me some input and advice regarding my Yr4 DD's levels. We've moved back to the UK about 8 months ago. DD has adjusted well in school, although she had to make a huge jump from the middle of Grade 2 in South Africa, to almost the end of Year 3 here in the UK. She's now in Yr4, and we have had a parents' consultation evening with her teacher tonight.
I probably had a complete blank expression on my face when her teacher talked about her levels. He said that she is a level 4B in literacy, and a 3B in numeracy. Her reading has always been far above average, and she is currently on level 5 (English being her second language).
It is important for me to know whether these levels are just on par or better than average.
We will soon be moving to Kent, which is a grammar school county. The area we're moving to has several grammars as well as super selectives, but also one outstanding comprehensive. I need to know whether we should focus our move as close as possible to the comprehensive. Or do you think it would be worth a go at 11+? Will we have enough time to prepare, or is she too far behind her peers. I'm mainly concerned about maths, which apart from the fact that she has missed out on a huge chunk of maths basics, is also not her favourite subject, and it takes a lot of pushing and encouragement from our side to keep her motivated. Do we need to do tutoring? To be honest, our finances will not allow for a great deal of extra tutoring.
And a 4B in literacy, is that good enough at this stage?
Any advice would be welcome smile

MrsCakesPremonition Thu 27-Feb-14 23:50:21

Level 4 is the minimum expected level for children leaving year 6, so your DD is doing very well. congratulations to her.
This link explains a bit more about how levels work.

LynetteScavo Fri 28-Feb-14 00:01:42

The average (or expected) level at the end of Y" is a 2b, and at the end of Y6, a 4b, and a sub level is hopped for every your DD is doing very well.

(An average Y4 would be a 3b at the end of the)

I have no idea about Kent schools, but I know where I live, tutoring for the grammar schools is normal. If you can't afford to pay someone else, to tutor your DD, it will be possible to do it yourself. (If your DD is co-operative!)

notmydog Fri 28-Feb-14 00:10:11

Many thanks! We do a lot of extra work with her, especially my DH who is an ex-teacher. He is far more patient than I. I just don't want to push her and place her under strain if there is no need for it. I've heard the 11+ tests are brutally stressful. I was actually taken aback to find out that the tests are done in September of Yr 6 already. I thought we had at least another 2 years to prepare.

Soveryupset Fri 28-Feb-14 07:47:51

It depends how superselective the grammar is, I would focus on the maths, as it will need to leap up a couple of levels between now and sep 2015..

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