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Parents' Evening -Year 1

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Eveningnews Wed 26-Feb-14 17:35:14

Unfortunately I had to cut short my chat with dd's teacher as got a call to say ds has chickenpox!!

Anyway I got the levels dd (aged 6) is working at the moment - half way through Year 1.

Apart from that can anyone tell me what this actually means - please!

Reading 1c
Writing 1a
Maths 1b

Thanks in advance.

TeenAndTween Wed 26-Feb-14 17:41:15

It means your DD is doing fine smile.
She is on track to be at least 2b by end y2, quite probably higher in writing, and possibly higher in maths.

What I would think you might want to ask is what the next step is in each subject (in case you want to support at home).

Eveningnews Wed 26-Feb-14 18:39:19

That's really helpful, thank you.

Eveningnews Wed 26-Feb-14 21:20:07

Anyone else with any advice? Thanks.

juniper44 Wed 26-Feb-14 23:43:14

The expected level for the end of year 1 is a 1b, so, with 1 1/2 terms to go, your DD has met the expected target for maths, exceeded it for writing and is on target for reading.

Effic Thu 27-Feb-14 00:11:55

Levels work like this:
End of year 1 = level 1B/1A
End of year 2 = level 2B
E of y3= level 2A/3C
E of y4 = 3B
End of y5 = 3a/4c
End of y6 = 4b
The odd number years always cause a bit of a problem so the age related expectation is arguable between two adjacent levels.

Sorry to disagree with other posting but I think your daughters levels are very odd though? It is very unusual to have a lower reading than writing level particularly in key stage 1. I would question assessment data that shows 2 sub levels difference (it goes c then b then a) between writing and reading with reading lower? Seems highly unlikely? Level 1c is the bottom of level 1 and means she has only just completed reception (early years) levels. Has she had difficulties with phonics? Or blending & segmenting skills? Her writing is level 1a which means she should be writing all letters correctly and writing simple sentence - I like my mum etc. with CVC words spelt correctly? How is that possible if her reading is only 1c? I would go back and have a further conversation to understand this if I were you.

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