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Can i ask what level your yr 5 child is at maths?

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plum100 Mon 24-Feb-14 22:14:23

As im a bit worried.

Dd was a 3a at both parents evenings - nov and march in yr 4. She is now in yr 5 and is still a 3a.

My worry is she has not progressed at all in year. Dh says he thinks the jumps between levels at this age are quite big.

The guide says she should
Move up a level every two years so he could be right.

Its says ahe should be a 3a/4c by the end of this year - thats the average apparently - but there are loads of children in her class working a much higher than that.

Can i ask what your views are ? Thanks

plum100 Thu 27-Feb-14 15:33:48

We were doing problems too - dd doesnt understand basics like whats the difference between 2000 and 1750 But would understand whats 2000-1750 .

Elibean Thu 27-Feb-14 15:37:42

Plum, the first thing the tutor did with dd1 when she had panics about maths in Y3 was go over language - she made four columns with + - x and divide (can't find symbol on keyboard!) and put all relevent terms beneath them. eg 'less than' or 'difference between' under the - column, factor and 'lots of' in the x column, etc.

It helped a lot.

Oblomov Thu 27-Feb-14 16:05:40

Glad I read this thread. Not sure when our patents evening is. But I am always fobbed off with 'fine'. But I need to make sure he really is FINE!!

castlesintheair Thu 27-Feb-14 16:30:16

I agree make sure they understand all the language of maths. Write things down. Draw tables and charts. Use stuff round the house. Many children are visual learners and I think it is particularly helpful in maths.

The Bond No Nonsense books are very good for knowing what they should be capable of at this stage. They have a website too. Once they have the building blocks and, crucially, an understanding of how each mathematical concept works, you can move onto problem solving. I hate to say it but this is where Kumon is really good as so much of it is practising but you can probably do a lot of it yourself.

Fwiw, my DS was a 3a at end of year 5 and a 6 by the middle of year 6. I don't think they had a clue what most of them were capable of (especially the forgotten about 20 DCs in the middle of the class) until they started testing them crazily for SATS in Year 6.

Iamnotminterested Thu 27-Feb-14 20:59:05

5b, but DD1 in year 8 is also 5b.

Adikia Fri 28-Feb-14 03:01:47

DS is a 5a, but he seemed to be on level 3 forever then went through level 4 at super speed, I think my littlest sister (whose also in year 5) is a 5b.

They've both been playing school's with DD to help her learn the basics and suddenly started rushing through the levels about the same time, so re-capping the basics may well help

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