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Ok, I know I can't ask for a level, but what do you think of DD's writing?

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Campaspe Mon 24-Feb-14 15:45:10

I'm looking for some reassurance that she's on track for Year 2; teacher hasn't said anything to indicate otherwise. DD likes to write, but spelling and punctuation is very erratic. Should I be correcting this, or will it improve as she gets older? Or should I simply focus on content? Is this sort of standard average for Y2? What should I be doing to help her improve her writing?

Background: written on her own with no input whatsoever in about 20 minutes. Writing is neat and clearly legible but not joined. DD is writing a letter to her pretend friend, who just happens to be a fairy. Names obviously changed to protect the innocent! (And yes, I am embarrassed that DD is basically begging for a toy, as she knows full well that DH and I write the replies!)

"This is Imogen. I know I have not been wrighting to you. It has been half term so I did not have time. I will give you this blue glow in the dark star. Now the main bit, all my other friends ahve things from their fariys. I am not beaing rude but, why do they get things and I don't? Just a qweston don't worry about it. Jane said her fairy has another friend now and not you. Is it a lie? I hope you are not smaller than the star. I drake [naughty goblin who is friends with the fairy] still bothring you because I have wrote about what do here.

Give Drake a waring if he dose it wtice agin tell the teacher, if not egnore him!

Janes unicorn is sick. I woned if you new what do unicorns eat? Cryastals flowers pollon or petels. Do they have speed food?

Love Imogen"

columngollum Mon 24-Feb-14 16:00:34

I think it's superb. Try to see if you can get people to agree with 2a. Phonic spellings, apart from the transcription errors. I'd be inclined to discuss the correct spellings and related words. Note them down and revisit in a few weeks to see whether the friendly chat produced any fruit. Isn't the egnore error a matter of not knowing how the word is actually pronounced?

Campaspe Mon 24-Feb-14 16:05:39

Thank you columngollum. I thought I won't ask for a level, partly because it seems to cause controversy, and partly because knowing a level won't on its own help me to help her IFKWIM. So, I thought I'd ask for constructive feedback and some comparisions. I want to think of an excuse to get into DD's classroom to have a look at the writing of some other children, as if it's your only child, it's actually quite hard to know if it compares well. I will certainly ask her teacher next time we get a parent's evening.

As for "ignore", yes, it probably is a pronunciation error. I will ask her! Just want to get the right balance between not ignoring errors, but not discouraging her either, especially as she likes to write.

columngollum Mon 24-Feb-14 16:07:51

I'd advise strongly against inter-class comparisons but you can get levelled writing from teaching websites and if I was in your position that's what I'd do.

RamblingRosieLee Mon 24-Feb-14 16:30:43

campaspe what a shame you think it causes controversy to ask for levels.

That doesn't say much for a sight that purports to help people does it?

I have seen people ask for levels and get them from kind posters.

If other people take issue with that they should stay off the thread.

mydaftlass Mon 24-Feb-14 22:36:57

It is similar in content and style to my DDs but the spelling and punctuation is more accurate. DDs writing is neat but not joined. Her teacher said she was a 2c/2b last term.

Seminyak Tue 25-Feb-14 00:02:06

Sorry, nothing constructive but OMG that is so sweet!! God, what a nice imaginative world smile And love that she's trying to get you to give her stuff, tee hee smile she sounds fun.

Spaghettinetti Wed 26-Feb-14 17:43:20

I'd say it is on track for year 2. It's a sound level 2 in my mind.

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