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Year 2 reading

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acatcalledchinchi Sat 22-Feb-14 19:59:47

I'm hoping that you will see this post TheGruffalo2 as you helped me loads with my Year 2 Maths post smile

DS (6, youngest in year, mild CP) was on orange band books at the start of year 2, and was noted to be below expected average at parents evening in October. Since then he has moved onto green and a couple of weeks ago, moved onto turquoise.

His teacher mentioned at parents evening that he had difficulty relaying what was happening in the text and couldn't answer questions when asked. She has more recently mentioned that he has a great ability to do that now and will answer questions about what he has just read.

So I'm wondering, is turquoise level usually about right for this age? There are some very advanced readers in his class so I know there are others who are way ahead, but to me he seems to have made great progress since the start of the year.

Also, what would he be needing to do to move up onto purple?

LittleMissGreen Sat 22-Feb-14 20:42:40

Turquoise technically equate to term 1 of year 2 so looks like your DS has made great progress :-)

I have several docs stolen from the internet, with relation to turquoise level they say:
Word recognition: reading (decoding)
�� Reads taught high frequency words accurately�� Tackle a higher ratio of more complex words, making use of phonic
knowledge and syllables
�� Recognises common alternative graphemes including trigraphs
Understanding and interpreting texts
Grammatical awareness
�� Use punctuation and text layout to read with a greater range of
expression and control
Knowing how texts work
�� Begin to take responsibility for reading title, blurbs, looking through
new books, deciding the type of text, and predicting some of the
�� Is aware of different text types and that they have different purposes
�� Approach different text types with increasing flexibility and note the
key structural features
�� Independently expresses some simple additional understanding from
details contained in illustrations, diagrams etc.
Understanding and interpreting texts
�� With support, makes simple predictions
�� Extract meaning from the text while reading with less dependence on
�� Finds specific information in texts
�� With encouragement, is beginning to express some wider reactions
to events or ideas in stories, poems and non-fiction
�� Identifies the main character in a story, or the subject of a non-fiction
�� Discuss information, characters and reasons for events in the text
and offer opinions on the effectiveness of the book
�� Read simple directions and instructions and act on the information
Engaging with and responding to texts
�� Comments spontaneously on simple links between own experience
and book events, characters etc.
�� Sustain reading through somewhat longer sentence structures and
�� Reads simple/familiar texts with increasing confidence and accuracy
�� Spontaneously expresses simple likes and dislikes
�� Explain reactions to texts, commenting on important aspects

LittleMissGreen Sat 22-Feb-14 20:44:03

So those bullet points didn't work too well then!

LittleMissGreen Sat 22-Feb-14 20:52:41

this link might get you to a pdf document outlining the different levels.

acatcalledchinchi Sat 22-Feb-14 21:07:04

Thanks so much LittleMissGreen! smilesmile

TheGruffalo2 Sat 22-Feb-14 21:08:05

Hello! Your son is making good progress through the coloured book bands, and in my opinion turquoise is a low-average for this time of year, so roughly where he should be. It is not an exact science as schools do have different criteria for assigning levels and deciding when to move children up a book band. Turquoise is about a 1A, but just because the child is reading turquoise books accurately it doesn’t automatically mean they are a 1A, as the level has other criteria beyond reading specific level books. We don’t use the same colour banding at my school and we don’t use APP but many schools do. The areas you may need to help your child with to get them moved up a book band or move them up a National Curriculum level really depends on where his specific gaps are and what assessment criteria the school uses but you may find these useful:
Staffordshire’s Reading Grids
Cumbria Grid for Learning Reading Sub-Levels Descriptors
Manchester’s Guide to Progression in Reading Skills
It is not all reading but I found a couple of school’s websites with interesting information in my cyber-travels:
I can’t find the website but if you google “progression through I can statements” the word document that is from Swimbridge may be useful for maths.

TheGruffalo2 Sat 22-Feb-14 21:09:23

Like your link LittleMissGreen - I hadn't seen that before.

acatcalledchinchi Sat 22-Feb-14 21:28:03

Thanks too TheGruffalo2 smile I really appreciate the help from you both smile

simpson Sat 22-Feb-14 22:59:34

I read with yr2 in my DC school and I would say the "average level is stage 6 for this current year group.

The levels overall vary from stage 3-11. Although not many are on 11 (maybe 3 or4).

But I also read with yr1 and they seem of a higher ability generally (although obviously I only know about the reading not anything else).

Fuzzymum1 Sun 23-Feb-14 14:02:50

DS's class have children reading red level and others free reading with a vast range in between.

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