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Positive reading story for all those who are despairing

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123xyz Thu 20-Feb-14 08:30:51

My dc have some wonderful amazing traits, reading is not one of them. They have been diagnosed as dyslexic (years ago now) and have never got into reading (too much hard work and too much else going on).

This hasn't stopped me fretting and trying and filling the house with books every time they comment they like a cover on a book.

This half term cash is tight weather is awful so there's been a lot of lounging around the house.

Books have been read by the dozen!!! Bedtime last night couldn't happen until after 10 as a book needed finishing, 7am this morning a new book was being sort!!!

My kids (eldest 17) had never finished a reading book in their lives before are now devouring books. Ok not Tolstoy but I don't need that!!!

Don't give up hope with your non readers keep providing the tools one day they may discover the bug too but it may not be any day soon!!!

columngollum Thu 20-Feb-14 08:39:45

Blimey! I'll be moving house to the Highlands or some other rainy location. That's one solution I'd never thought of. And lots of people say books are no use any more because they're old technology.

SarahPatricia Thu 20-Feb-14 08:53:13

When I worked in a school there was a really lovely little girl who wouldn't read. She just wasn't interested. So with the mothers permission I quietly gave her my old kindle for her birthday and she's not stopped reading! She says its cos she feels "growed up" like her mummy.

Artandco Thu 20-Feb-14 08:57:36

Mine love books, always have, but have wanted to read more since finding out you have to be able to read to be an astronaut!

bruffin Thu 20-Feb-14 09:05:27

My DS 18 is dyslexic and finally started reading books when he was 13. He did listen to a lot of audio books and the latest Alex Rider was not on Audio and he bought it so he could read it. He then read about 30 books in a very short time but then stopped again. He wanted a kindle for christmas and he has started reading again on that.
He did say he didnt like reading actual books because he doesnt like the thought he might damage the books while carrying them around or reading them. confused

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