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schooling aged 4

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tobethatis Sun 16-Feb-14 20:28:59

hi everyone please can you provide me with some insight as a fellow mummy. my son is 4 and we live abroad. the schooling system here isnt same as the uk - it is very much learn by rote and copy, copy, copy. plus they expect a lot at such a young age. my son can only write 1 -5 and some letters. he cant write his name yet. to be honest he isnt interested! he just wants to play! and why not he is 4!!!! the early years we experienced in the uk was brilliant and was very creative in style. i am very worried my son just doesnt suit this learning method and it will damage him. as a parent i already feel like he is 'behind' which i know is utterly ridiculous!!!! i know i wouldnt feel this way if i was in the uk. i dont really rate the private schools here and as it is a developing country state schools are out of the question (in case anyone was wondering) what are your thoughts please ... hope i have mad sense

hippo123 Sun 16-Feb-14 20:43:25

Are you planning on staying there long term? Have you thought about home educating?

tobethatis Sun 16-Feb-14 20:52:05

thanks hippo we may be here a good while. i dont think home schooling is an option because going to school is an event here. there is literally nowhere to take kids ordinarily. plus i feel they need that socialisation. i am just very uncomfortable with the style and i want him to move at his own pace.

Sleepyhead33 Sun 16-Feb-14 21:41:02

He certainly isn't behind but of course you know that already.

What are your choices like re private schools if state are out of the question? Are there any international schools which may have a more up to date philosophy re early years learning?

Is home educating until he is a little older definitely not an option-can he not meet other children through drama/sports/music/arts type activities/classes?

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