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woolly76 Tue 11-Feb-14 22:25:36

Hi all,
DD will be starting reception in sept 2014. The only real choice is our local school as all others hugely over subscribed and out of catchment. It has a pretty terrible ofsted and has always been rated satisfactory and now in need of improvement since Ofsted began. I personally dont like the school much, run down, no green space, religious (i am not). However parents there love it and say their kids are really happy, i think great, then read Ofsted again and just think 'no way!' Am i putting too mich emphasis on low achievement? We have been offered a place at a private school with reduced fees due to our low income bit still would be a stretch and a part of me feels very guilty for rejecting our local school and community over private, however i just cant feel right about a school that does not have high enough expectations, the head blames the challenging working class cohort, yet the same kind of cohort in a school less than a mile away achieves well and has a 'good' grade. Shall i send her to local school or take up (amazing) private school offer and ditch my social values?

Adikia Wed 12-Feb-14 18:03:09

If you think the private school is the best option then I'd dump the social values in a heartbeat.

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