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maths test mid year 4

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alienforce Tue 11-Feb-14 12:58:21

My child has struggled a little with maths especially fractions. last week at mid term test he got a 3a star for maths. he is year 4. will this determine where he should be in year 6, or should he be achieving a 4c in summer exmas?

Blackcathaireverywhere Tue 11-Feb-14 13:40:51

My son moved one whole level between the end of year four and the end of year six. So, based on that, if your child moves to a 4C by the end of the year, they could expect to get a 5C at the end of yr6.

I have certainly learned though that progression doesn't always go in a nice smooth pattern!

PastSellByDate Tue 11-Feb-14 13:49:36

Hi alien:

Just a Mum here - but see this discussion about similar for a Year 3 student:

Basically schools are using old SATs papers (available free - just type in free KS2 SATs papers on any search engine) in KS2 (Years 3 - 4) to help track progress of their pupils (as the scores are linked to NC Levels).

MN has information on expected progress through NC Levels here: - if you scroll down you'll see two tables - the first explains how many sub-levels progress your child should make each school year (regardless of starting point) and the second table is notionally what a child is expected to achieve by the end of a particular year.

So for Year 4: according to this table your child would be expected to be working to NC Level 3B (by the way the levels work 'c' - just working into this level, 'b' comfortable working at this level and 'a' strongly working at this level, possibly with signs of work at the next full NC Level).

So your DC is working 3a* (which I assume means a high 3A - possibly because he sat a KS1 SATs paper - which is scored from NC L1 to L3) - which means already 1/2 way through year 4 he's working at least slightly above what a child should notionally be achieving according to the government.

Now some schools are happy to say your child is NC Level 4, 5, 6 and others really are uncomfortable with that.

Thus I am in the situation where I'm having my DD1 being told she's NC L5a and her friend (who passed the 11+ with flying colours, when my DD1 didn't) is having her school say she's working to NC L4+.

Unfortunately grades/ NC Level scores aren't straightforward. Because reporting NC Levels/ grades doesn't have a centralised policy in England- e.g. guidance instructing schools to report how children do on optional SATs and how teachers assess them to every parent - it's a free for all - with some schools giving parents detailed and up to date feedback and others saying next to nothing.

But in general - from what you describe it sounds like your DC is doing well - certainly ahead of where he should be by this point. So be proud and encourage him & the school to keep up the good work.


alienforce Tue 11-Feb-14 14:25:13

thank you both so much for your quick reply..

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