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Barnes Primary vs Lowther?

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elsiejean Mon 10-Feb-14 16:47:54

We are considering a move to Barnes, mainly for its high-quality primary schools. We are leaning towards applying to Barnes Primary but also considering Lowther and I am eager for some insights from people who know either or both. In addition to studying the websites, test scores, Ofsteds, etc. I have just had a tour of Lowther and a peek at BP (they won’t do a tour for me until our application year, next September) and while Lowther seems like a lovely school my gut is pointing me towards BP for its generally more polished feel, test scores, etc. Lowther seems like they are great at helping children who have some catching up to do, but I was left unconvinced at how well they would challenge children at the other end of the spectrum, if we are so lucky as to be in that position. Are there any negatives about BP that I should consider? Great experiences at Lowther – as specific as you can please?

(For a bit more background: We currently rent in Chiswick and would rent at first in Barnes, choosing our location based on the catchment area of our preferred school. DS1 wouldn’t start reception until Sept 2016 so we are planning ahead a bit. We preferred Barnes to the areas around Sheen Mount/East Sheen, and it’s a slightly better commute for my husband, but will happily consider passionate opinions… Church schools are not an option for us though. Am also wondering just how large a family can live in the Little Chelsea terraced houses near BP? We are currently four but hope to expand so that’s also a consideration…)

Thanks very much!!

BewitchedBefuzzledBewildered Fri 09-May-14 21:43:24

Ooh just piling in to see if anyone out there has got anything more to say on Barnes Primary schools...

ladyme Mon 11-Aug-14 00:37:08

I'm not sure where you are with all this, but my DD has just finished Year 2 at a 3a level for maths and literacy, and I only have positive things to say about how they encourage children at all levels of attainment and most importantly to be themselves. I can't compare it to BP as I don't have a child there, but I'm very happy with our experience at Lowther if you want to discuss further! Please don't feel that your child won't be pushed to achieve great things if they go to Lowther, the teachers have high ambitions for all the children to achieve their very best.

Pistachiomacaroons Mon 17-Nov-14 10:15:31

BP has great results but most of the children are privately tutored in years 5 & 6!! It is a great school, very ambitious, great class teachers (mostly...) as long as your child fits in. If your child is not that academically inclined, rather shy or has a bit of character then it might not be the school for them. My experience is that they are not good at nurturing the individual child but focus on results too much. Issues are not dealt with well by the head teacher who is a very strong character and has a rather dictatorial (some may say bullying) approach!

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