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Help on learning to tell the time - poss dyslexic DD

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FallenAngel22 Sun 09-Feb-14 12:38:10

DD is in yr4 and had a weekly clocks test whereby they have to answer in both analogue and digital. She finds this massively confusing and frequently writes for example 6 to 9 with no idea it's incorrect. The confusion came when introducing digital times. She was reasonably secure with analogue before this but now is confused with both ways, getting really upset with it all.

There is the strong suggestion she has dyslexia and she is under the senco at school so whilst I'm not massively worried at this stage, I do want to help her understand telling the time.

I did wonder if it was worth asking her teacher if she could answer them one way only for a time but DD doesn't want to be different to everyone else and doesn't want me to. Does anyone know of fool-proof ways to teach her? Are there any dyslexia friendly sites or packages I could get? We have a clock face with to and past but the sheer amount of information and rules to apply is just confusing her no end.


Adikia Sun 09-Feb-14 15:44:51

I'm dyslexic and I had a watch a bit like this although mine wasn't as pretty.

I know you said you already have a clock like it but the watch meant it was always with me and then it just took a lot of practice. My parent's also put a digital clock and an analogue clock in the front room, kitchen and my bedroom, so I'd get used to seeing both together.

It hasn't completely solved the issue (I still prefer clocks with to and past written on) but it helped a bit.

maverick Sun 09-Feb-14 17:22:16

Power of 2 do a book with a 'time' focus.

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