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Late application to Royal Kent CofE, Oxshott

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Abi88 Sat 08-Feb-14 16:30:20

We viewed a house today that is a few doors down from the Royal Kent CofE primary school.
My son is due to start school in September 2014, so we have missed the application deadline and it will be a late application.
Do we stand any chance of getting in? The house is so close, but it is only single form entry... If we go on the waiting list, do places come really come up? And how quickly do they realistically come up, a term in? A year in? Never?!!!
Thank you for any input!

springrain Sat 08-Feb-14 21:17:26

Speak to the school - they will know better than anyone else. They will also know how many applicants they have had now, the first preference figure versus the PAN is a good guide to how difficult a year it is. Also ask how many places were not taken up last year - they will have some who apply but end up going private.

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