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Orange band year 3

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littlemiss06 Thu 06-Feb-14 11:26:03

How much of a concern is it for my little girl whos almost 8?

She ended year 1 level 1c in reading
Ended year 2 level 1b in reading
Currently on orange band which shes been on for the last three months, recently been tested to go on turquoise but not ready so presumably shes around a 1A in reading given the level but how much of a concern is it at this stage? Her progress doesn't seem to be the expected 2 sublevels.
School have her on school action, her IEP is based around reading/writing. Educational psychologist said her reading was slightly below average but expected for her as her IQ came out around 85 so no specific learning difficulties picked up with the ed psyc just told shes a slow learner.

littlemiss06 Thu 06-Feb-14 11:26:36

Just to add shes reading oxford reading tree books

MrsPnut Thu 06-Feb-14 11:34:01

Do you read a lot at home? not just books but general reading labels, packets, signs etc.

My DD2 is the same age as your girl and that's something that we make her do regularly.
We put her in charge of getting us to the right places when we are out and about so she has to read signs. She's also in charge of reading cooking instructions and choosing ingredients in the supermarket.

If she's just a slow learner then hopefully it will come in time, but incorporating it into everything you do will make it a bit easier.
The other thing we do is visit the library regularly and DD2 chooses her own books, even if it's just to look at the pictures.

juniper44 Thu 06-Feb-14 21:34:04

I would be asking the school about the interventions they have planned.

Orange band is not the end of the world, and I have had numerous children start on Orange, but if she's not progressing as quickly as she should be, then you need to ask the school how they plan on supporting her.

If she was a 1c at the end of year 1, she should have been a 2c at the end of year 2. Therefore she should be a 2b or 2a by the end of year 3. Therefore she should be White or Lime band. She hasn't made expected progress so you should ask the school why.

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