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Village school, St Margaret's, Heathside

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PrimroseHeel Wed 05-Feb-14 23:27:18

Any parent with experience of sending their little one in any of these schools ? What do you like (or not?) Insight very appreciated. Time to choose.....

tellmeonasunday Thu 06-Feb-14 12:02:38

St Margaret's is lovely. As you probably know it's a small school - very inspiring head (and nice to see a male head and reasonable proportion of male teachers in a girls only school). Very nurturing, small classes (10-12 junior, 15 senior). Lots of sport and clubs, music etc. They have "125 things to do before you leave St Margaret's" to encourage wide interests. Active PTA. They don't chase the league tables so don't get GCSE results like SHHS, NLCS, Channing etc - they are less selective than these others so I think those results reflect the input. Those in the top stream get extra lessons if needed, and, though they only go to 16, they sometimes have one or two students take an early A-level if appropriate. Girls go on to good schools post 16 - lots to Highgate, also Channing, SHHS, NLCS, Henrietta Barnett etc. I think they start the planning for post 16 schools several years before.

I suppose the only downside is if you don't like small schools - or worry that the classes are too small to make friends - and some of their facilities are off site, for example the hall in the school building is small so they use Skeel Hall for PE which isn't on their main site, but it is only 5 minutes walk away. They also use a local tennis club very close, and take a minibus to playing fields and to Copthall to swim.

If you're undecided I'm sure Mr Webster would show you round again and answer any questions you have. They are very open and welcoming to any enquiries from parents.

tellmeonasunday Thu 06-Feb-14 12:12:54

sorry, should say results reflect the intake, not the input - that's a fairly significant difference! They put a lot of work into making sure each girl reaches her own potential - they have some aiming for A*'s and some for whom a C will be a triumph.

tellmeonasunday Thu 06-Feb-14 14:13:54

You might find this useful:

PrimroseHeel Tue 11-Feb-14 23:38:15

Thanks @tellmeonasunday ! I did have a look at that thread too, and some of the comments there seem a bit emotional...
Anyway, here we are... Choice is a lucky problem to have... Step 1, I think we are going to turn down The Village... I actually really liked many aspects of it (especially Reception - the teacher came across as very, very good + same for the other teachers we met) and their girls surely do well. Compared to the others, it came across as a more disciplined place. Feeling wise, almost the opposite to what I experienced in Heathside (I came out thinking "she'll be happy here"). The environment seems more creative, upbeat and international. And then St. Margaret's... which we also liked. A couple more days to decide. And then of course the 'other conandrum'.... Girls' school or mixed? Head hurts...

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