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Ideas to get DD's motivation back please

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Bonkersconkers Wed 05-Feb-14 12:56:45

DD used to be really motivated when at school overseas (v structured environment & clear (and high) expectations).

Back here she says she only needs to give 65% to do well enough, and is avoiding doing homework by giving exceedingly plausible reasons reasons why she hasn't got any this week and hiding it in a messy desk at school.

The ridiculous thing is that it doesn't take her long to do it, so I can't understand what all the fuss is about. She claims it is boring - but obviously it has to get done. Her handwriting has also gone down the pan, unless I shout and then it reverts back to what it was 2 years ago.

I can't obviously keep shouting - and I want her to be self-motivated like she used to be. Is in year 3 if that makes any difference. She also wants to go to a v academic selective secondary school - and will happily do more advanced stuff eg NVR & VR - just not the blasted homework.

mrscog Wed 05-Feb-14 13:00:53

Not sure if I can help as I don't agree with homework for such young children, I would just keep her thirst for learning open - so if she's happy to carry on challenging herself at home and is succeeding at school with what's being taught there I wouldn't worry too much.

Saracen Wed 05-Feb-14 16:30:41

If the work at her current school is so dull for her, is there a more suitable school she could go to, or could you home educate her for the next few years?

She'd learn more that way and you wouldn't be in the position of having to persuade her to do busywork which she rightly thinks is fairly pointless.

I felt the same way your daughter seems to feel, but I was very compliant. I carried on doing the work I was asked to do for years and years, but I can't say that there was any benefit to me in doing so. My sister rebelled and spent her time drawing instead. She ended up with an education which was at least as good as mine. If I could turn the clock back, I would have stuck up for myself in an effort to get what I needed.

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