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Struggling in year 3!

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Salskey Wed 05-Feb-14 10:32:20

Lb (y3) is in the lower group for both maths and literacy and the homework he receives is very simple, it doesn't push him in any way. He's had just 3 lots of spellings since step. He has an iep but we feel he is capable of more than his set target. He has been going to a tutor since July and has really improved in both subjects (at home) but his progress doesn't seem to have transferred to class. My question is if dc's are in the lower group do they not get checked to see if they are capable of more? I mentioned at parents evening that he could now do column addition and his teacher seemed surprised. He works so hard after school on mathletics, tutor homework etc but we worry his is getting left behind. We have made an appointment to speak to his teacher and just wondered about the best way to approach this. Many thanks

staticdust Wed 05-Feb-14 13:22:46

send some of his work(column addition) examples he had done at home clearly marked(independent work) to school along with a polite note perhaps in his communication book, and any other work he has completed at home.
We have been in similar position to yours, now all sorted out, DC's teacher had tested and assessed DC on the basis on what I have sent to school, sometimes children can be left to plod in the same group for a long time and a gentle persuasion for new assessment is all that is needed.
Make sure work that you send is independent and that you boy can do same standard of work in the classroom, encourage him every day and remind him that it is important for him to try to produce same standard of work at school as he does at

juniper44 Wed 05-Feb-14 19:58:38

I had a child in year 4 who had been taught 3-digit column addition by her tutor. She was not even a level 1, but could do columns as long as they didn't bridge over the tens. My point being that 123 + 354 is not difficult to do and can be solved with very little understanding of numbers.

I'm not trying to dismiss your son's achievements, but just explain that tutors often teach a method rather than the understanding.

If you are concerned that the teacher does not recognise his abilities, then speak to the teacher. Ask to look in his books. Buy some books to try at home (like the CGP ones).

Incidentally, I don't set homework that stretches the children. It is meant to cement their learning.

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