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LEH/Hampton school coach for 7 year old DD

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mitete Tue 04-Feb-14 17:24:34

My DD has been offered a place at Y3 in September. I spoke to the coach coordinator today to clarify the route and it transpires that morning drop offs are not supervised. The coach will stop half way between Hampton School and LEH. It maybe 2-3 minutes walk from LEH school gate. I just can’t imagine let my 7 year old DD walk alone outside school. I understand that once you are inside school, it is completely safe to walk to junior school through school sports ground.

I have also been warned that sharing coach with majority teenage boys and girls may not be suitable for a 7 year old as they may say things a 7 year old shouldn’t hear. I never thought about this point and slightly horrified. Can terrible things be said in a school coach?

I would really appreciate any mums who have DDs at LEH taking coaches to school could let me know their experiences, is it safe to walk from coach drop off point to school? Are children generally friendly and well behaved? I feel really foolish that I didn’t ask these questions before I put my DD through the exam.

blinkinwinkin Tue 04-Feb-14 18:29:25

The older girls look after the younger girls brilliantly, so your dd will never be left alone on the road. But yes she may occasionally hear a choice word or two, just like in a playground with older boys.

mitete Tue 04-Feb-14 20:45:52

Thank you so much blinkinwinkin. I am so relieved to hear about older girls looking after younger girls. My DD would love to know and be friends with some older girls too. As to a choice of word or two, she gets a few sometimes from her dad, so there will be no surprise for her. I am not worried.
I was so sad today after speaking to the coach coordinator and was thinking that we had no choice but give up the offer.
I will speak to the school office to see if they can let us get into touch with some older girls families on the same route.
Thanks a million!

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