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SATs and language

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2014Qs Tue 04-Feb-14 15:43:58

you can get stuff like readers, writers and extra time for sats

but is there anything you can do for language probs? if you didn't understand all the words on the reading paper due to speech and language probs is there any thing school can do to help?

could they help you with vocab in any way?

also not in sats but in science. if you can't recall the long words (like evaporation) but you know what they mean, is there any thing school can do? i mean can they give you the mark for it or do they have to fail you?

spanieleyes Tue 04-Feb-14 18:34:45

There is nothing the school can do with regard to explaining the vocabulary, just about in any SATS paper. The reading paper requires just that, for the child to read the paper! (Unless the child has visual problems) Similarly in maths, where the paper can be read, the vocabulary can't be explained or paraphrased in any way. The questions can be read in a science SATS ( although only some schools are sample tested, not all children will sit a science paper, most will be teacher assessed) but again, vocabulary can't be explained.

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