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Private and State schools in Worcester - any insight, advice?

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hirple Mon 03-Feb-14 13:01:47

Hi All,

I am a newbie, apologies of this is the wrong place or the scope of the question is too broad. DS starts Reception this year; we live in St John's and have put Pitmaston, St Clements and Oldbury Park down; we live very close to Pitmaston, but we are not keen due to its size.

We are also seriously considering Kings St Albans and RGS Springfield, the wrap around care would be big plus for us.

Any views on any of the schools above would be greatfully received.

Thank you.

PeasandCucumbers Tue 04-Feb-14 20:33:32

I have DC at Springfield, it's a lovely school, very dedicated staff, we have always been very happy with it. I have also heard good things about St Clements. Have you looked at them? What were your gut feelings? I often hear the downside of small schools is lack of clubs and specialist teachers but this is definitely not the case at Springfield, if anything there is too much choice for extra curricular activities!!

wigornian Wed 05-Feb-14 08:50:25

hirple we too have a DC at Springfield (waves to PeasandCucumbers and cannot praise it enough, it is a lovely school and DS loves it. There is a lovely family feel, all the children know each other. The extra curricula provision is first rate

hirple Wed 05-Feb-14 10:10:48

Thank you both for your responses. We went to the recent RGS open day and were very impressed. St Clement's does seem nice and burturing - not keen on Pitmaston, but this is mainly due to its huge size; this might be blinding me to other advantages it may have! Food for thought, thank you.

MRSJWRTWR Wed 05-Feb-14 10:30:32

Hi, I have one DC at RGS The Grange and older DC at the senior school both very happy and doing well.

DC1 went to Pitmaston for primary and then onto RGS but by the time DC2 went there (7 year age gap) there had been a change of head and it really wasn't the same. Did Reception and Yr1 at Pitmaston but was floundering for various reasons including the large class sizes. Very pleased we made the move to the Grange, teachers are very approachable, the curriculum, sport etc very varied and wrap round care and after school clubs are great.

We did look at Springfield for DC2 especially as it was conveniently located so close to the senior school but decided that the Grange, as a larger prep school, would be better for social reasons.

PinkCarnation36 Wed 27-Aug-14 01:36:02

Understand what you say about choosing bigger school for social reasons. DS and DD are at RGS Springfield and each term kids are leaving which is quite unsettling. New head brought in lots of clubs to compete with the bigger schools and the list is now OTT but not many free clubs aimed at boys interests like lego club, airfix or playstation, mechano or electronics. DS gets raw deal as girls are very dominant in the school.Staff are more used to girls from AO days and teaching methods from older staff are aimed at way girls learn. Lots of colouring. DD loves it but DS doesn't.No facilities like science labs, fine for DD but not DS. Brownie club at Springfield but no cubs for DS. Boys/girl ratio will be even worse with the St Mary's girls joining as not a very co-ed feel now and parents are a bit worried about it. Apparently 19 joining so this has made up some of the falling numbers with existing kids leaving. Small numbers in classes mean friendship issues are intense and the nastiness in the playground is not always noticed or dealt with well.

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