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how to prepare a child for 7+ for a place with bursary?

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goodbook200 Sun 02-Feb-14 13:47:15

My DD is in reception, state school. how to prepare her for 7+ entry - hoping for a bursary place as cannot afford. Is it maths/ English/ Music? what is important please?

LIZS Sun 02-Feb-14 15:32:04

Usually Maths, English , Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning but each school differs in what it tests, what level will get a place and what a bursary . Also some awareness of current affairs, favourite book etc for an interview. Music may only be auditioned if that is what you hope to excel in and they offer a good opportunity based on it.

Michaelahpurple Sun 02-Feb-14 22:02:18

Once you get to about easter in year 1 start on age appropriate Bond workbooks on the topics indicated by the last poster. In reception focus on her reading, lots of her reading to you and lots of you reading to her to share the pleasure of books and expand her vocab and knowledge. Also, be realistic - it may be hard to get a sense of her academic level this early so don't set your heart on schools which may prove unrealistic. Meanwhile, you need to research the schools individually to see what bursaries they offer and what level of attainment is required to get in.

josuk Sun 02-Feb-14 22:50:12

I agree with the above - in Reception main focus is on reading - keep reading with her and to her. Get extra reading books at the library, if school doesn't provide enough, or for hollidays. Also - anything that enriches her understanding of the world around her is great. If she is not yet - try to get her interested in non-fiction books as well as fiction.

If/when you decide to give her extra practice - look at these workbooks. For Math, specifically, I like them better than Bond papers. My DD loves math and we've used these since Reception both to give her some extra stimulation and as we prepared for 7+ this year.

I wouldn't worry about English and Reasoning papers until sometime in Year 1.

As her writing skills develop - you can get her to practice it more by doing little projects at home - show and tell for school, or writing a diary/scrapbook. Mine was/is a reluctant writer, so on holidays we always try to keep a diary with pictures, etc.

Story writing is also something that they always have at 7+ and that is not taught extensively in R-Y1-Y2. Not even at a private school that my DD is at as our school is working towards 11+, not 7+. So, when later your daughter starts doing spellings for school and will have to write sentences with the words, get her to think about making up a little story with these words. We started doing it in the Spring term in Y1 and continued at Y2.

Generally, I think, if you have a bright and curious kid, and is open to you doing a little extra with her starting at Reception, she'll be a happy and confident student, and getting her ready for 7+ won't have to be stressfull.

mumteacher Sun 02-Feb-14 22:57:33

You need to speak with momsclub who has just won a 100% bursery at a super selective school from state school at the 7+ entry.

Michaelahpurple Mon 03-Feb-14 13:16:28

I second the above re schofield and Simms maths - well structured and varied.

goodbook200 Tue 04-Feb-14 16:29:28

who is momsclub please?

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