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School meals obligatory?!

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mjb1 Thu 30-Jan-14 15:48:25

I am hoping to get my DD in to the Fulham bilingual stream of the Lycée, starting September 2015. Through reading the website, it seems to be that the children HAVE to eat hot school dinners. Now, whilst I'm sure that school meals have vastly improved from the turkey twizzlers that I had at school, it still seems that they are a bit rubbish-y...
For example, on the Lycée website, the Fulham children are provided with 'Pizza then Vanilla Sponge and Custard', 'Hot Dog with Ketchup, then Chocolate Sponge', 'Fish fingers, hash browns and sweetcorn'. Hate to be a bit PFB about my DD, but the dinners seem a bit unbalanced/unhealthy.
Seeing as the school is half lycée admitted/half LEA admitted (so still a state school...) can they force the DCs to eat the school meals?

Interestingly, the meals prepared by Holy Cross School (the English primary that admits the LEA places) seem to be fab: fresh meat, potatoes and veg, accompanied by a home-made dessert by the school chef.

What would you do? Am I being a bit PFB, or do these meals seem really unhealthy? Do you think I could send her with a packed lunch?

tiggytape Fri 31-Jan-14 09:18:32

I don't know the school at all but I cannot see how you could possibly send a child with a packed lunch to a school where every single other child eats school dinners.
Even if they allowed it (which they probably wouldn't except for medical reasons) it would make your DD stand out a mile and she probably wouldn't thank you for it (especially if all her friends are eating chocolate sponger around her!)

Where lunches are optional that's different. And where a child has allergies that cannot be accommodated by the school, that's different too but I cannot imagine how you'd explain to her or the school that you think their lunches are rubbish and she'll be bringing her own.

If you choose a school where everyone has school lunches you probably have to incorporate that into your decision about applying for a place in the first place. The lunches are part of the school day and ethos so either they are so unacceptable that it would put you off the school or you take the view that it is only 5 meals a week out of 21 and you can make good at home.

PastSellByDate Fri 31-Jan-14 10:41:04

Hi mjb1:

I don't know if this is the Fulham Lycee on 35 Cromwell Rd - but just typing in Fulham Lycee I got the link to this website:

and it's lunch menus for january are full of healthy options:

vegetable stir fry

I seriously doubt they'd feed your child rubbish. And frankly most schools meal services invite parents in to try out what they serve or on parent/ teacher evenings have little samples for you to inspect.

Schools really are trying to provide better food and the French, especially, really pride themselves on teaching children to love food and be adventurous.


Snowdown Fri 31-Jan-14 23:20:38

To be fair pastsellby looking at our lovely menus on the Internet and at the promotional blurb from the council would give you no clue as to the shit they serve up in our school. And no way does the school invite parents in to sample the food - there would be a mass exodus if they did because most parents believe their children's meals are lovely just like they are on the school's website.

Onesie Sat 01-Feb-14 00:16:59

Its ok menu wise BUT Taking a closer look there's too much wheat. Also the pudding seem unhealthy and its not good it's daily.

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