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Lambrook, Hall Grove or Holy Trinity?

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Iwonder122 Thu 30-Jan-14 14:00:07

Hi, I am really hoping to get some first hand advice.
I am trying to decide on a primary school for my kids to go to from September. I have read the prospectuses and reports but there is nothing like some first hand advice from another parent.
Could anyone give me any information, about Holy Trinity, Lambrook or Hall Grove schools? I would really appriciate your help.

ElleBon Wed 18-Jun-14 16:27:25

Hi you still trying to choose? im in the same situation and have had great responses under the title: Moving from London to Surrey-its all very school discussion based-trying to decide between Lambrook and Hall Grove-mumsnet discussion has made me think about both again as I was really set on Lambrook but have had a mixed bunch of views so off to hall grove again to see.

Iwonder122 Wed 18-Jun-14 17:58:34

Hi ElleBon
Thanks for the response. I went with Hall Grove in the end. Lambrook had better facilities but I preferred the vibe at Hall Grove. I have heard mixed reviews about Lambrook too but only positive ones for Hall Grove. I'm pretty sure that I have made the right choice for us. Is it for September that you are looking?

ElleBon Thu 19-Jun-14 20:47:19

Iwonder, its so funny you say this as I had to commit to lambrook by tomorrow. thanks to mumsnet and starting my thread two days ago-everyone said they liked lambrook and then all of a sudden a mum wrote that a lot of kids she knew left lambrook to go hall grove. so me being me-went to hall grove for a second visit with DH and my eldest had his induction with other kids-and met lovely lovely girls there-extremely glamorous but so lovely and down to earth-so the experience today was lovely-even my DS felt the vibe-he didn't want to leave! anyway, what year is your child in? boy or girl? would be lovely to meet as obviously you chose hall grove too-so we are, I guess, on the same wavelength! where do you live? we are in VW. if you prefer to de PM-let me know, as I have one mummy that we do that with.

SStephens Mon 11-May-15 22:38:24

A year later and I am in the exact same position; Lambrook or Hall Grove? I just can't decide! ElleBon did you go for Hall Grove in the end and if so how is it going? I love both but can't make my mind up.... Any advice?

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