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If level 2b in year 1 what would be the expected level in year 2?

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muddyprints Thu 30-Jan-14 07:42:27

Does the progress slow as levels 3 and 4 are aimed for juniors. I'm wondering if levels 1 and 2 can be achieved early because the children have picked things up quickly but higher levels need to be taught so progress would slow down ?

Hulababy Thu 30-Jan-14 07:46:47

Approx two sub levels a year is expected iirr; think end of eyfs is roughly similar to 1c.

However in many subjects, if not all, NC levels are going next year.

simpson Thu 30-Jan-14 08:22:36

Not all schools are getting rid of NC levels (my kids school isn't).

If a child is a 2B now in yr1 I would expect a 3C this time next year (not a teacher though).

columngollum Thu 30-Jan-14 08:26:16

hands up if your school is getting rid of levels!!! ha ha ha

How many people out there also drive with their eyes shut and ski backwards?

PastSellByDate Thu 30-Jan-14 10:48:32

Hi muddyprints:

MN has this information about progress through NC Levels:

Basically the first chart shows expected sub-level progress (against NC Levels in various Key Stages). [Do remember that NC Levels work C low ability or just working at this level / B average ability - fairly comfortably working at this level / A high ability - solidly working at this level and maybe showing elements of even higher ability level (i.e. 4a/ 5c)]

As you can see MN suggest that 2-3 sub-levels a year is about right for KS1 (years 1/2) and it slows to 1/2 sub-levels for KS2 (Y3 - Y6).

I am just a Mum, but as you suggest, I think that the increased difficulty & range of skills needed to be achieved mean progresses somewhat slows in KS2/ KS3 (Y7 - Y9 - so early secondary school).


Hulababy Thu 30-Jan-14 10:52:45

Schools can indeed use their own levels or even make up their own marking standards.

I was talking about the official ones though.
Currently on a course - tea break - assessment is now 1-2 sentences.

muddyprints Thu 30-Jan-14 14:06:42

Thank you, that table was useful.

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