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5 year old DS being picked on

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itstheyearzero Mon 20-Jan-14 20:52:14

I wasn't sure whether to post here or in behaviour/development, but I guess this place is as good as any. Looking for some thoughts on this because right now I'm furious! DS started reception in September. He immediately made friends with a lovely little lad, let's call him Jimmy. Jimmy and DS are best friends, always playing together, a really nice little friendship. After a month or so of starting school, DS would come home and talk about some naughty boys that don't like him and Jimmy. He mentioned them chasing him and Jimmy, pushing them etc. I didn't think too much of it because he didn't seem to be that upset about it, there were no tears when he spoke about it. Fast forward to early December, and its DS's birthday party. Jimmy was there and I got talking to his mum, It turns out that Jimmy has been telling her the same things, these 2 boys have been pushing them etc. We both agreed to keep an eye on the situation and tookneach others numbers etc, nice woman.

Anyway, last week DS was quite upset after school, he said these two boys had been chasing them, calling them naughty boys and generally pushing them around. He said one of them twisted his arm. I spoke to Jimmy's mum and she said that Jimmy had also mentioned this and that he (Jimmy) had been pushed up against the wall by one of these boys. This was at after school club. and the teacher saw it and dealt with apparently. I then decided to have a word with their form teacher on Friday. She looked horrified, said it was unacceptable and she would keep a close eye on things. DS by now knew the boys names, and the teacher knows of them, they are in Year 1.

Today when DS got home he said that one of the boys had a pair of scissors in the playground at lunchtime. and that he said he was going to chop his finger off and tried to cut his hair. DS has a tiny cut on his finger. He also said the boy had bird poo in his hand and was trying to get DS to hold it. DS said he told the dinner lady but she ignoredc him. Jimmy said he didnt see the naughty boys today.

I had a long chat with DS about it, also about telling the truth etc, and he is adamant that this happened. He is a good boy and I have never known him to lie, but then he is only 5, so how much of this should I take as gospel?

Obviously I am going to talk to bthe teacher again tomorrow. Any idea what will happen ? Will she talk to the boys or just keep an eye on things?? She obviously didn't keep an eye on things today!

I would appreciate your thoughts on this, I hate to think of my PFB being bullied, but could do with some perspective...

souperb Mon 20-Jan-14 22:06:19

Sounds absolutely horrid. Keep a log of events. Speak to the teacher and keep on it. Ask for a copy of their bullying policy. If it persists, write to the head - I like to leave a paper trail...

itstheyearzero Mon 20-Jan-14 22:12:56

Thanks soup. I reposted this in chat as I needed some replies as I was getting myself all get up. Got some good advice there, very similar to yours? Thanks again.

itstheyearzero Mon 20-Jan-14 22:13:15

het up not get up!

Jinty64 Tue 21-Jan-14 07:46:36

You need to speak to the teacher again. Before you do that I would ask him a little bit more about the dinner lady. Does he know her name? Would he be able to point her out? What exactly did he tell her?

I would also tell him that what these boys are doing is very wrong and that you will need to speak to his teacher before/after school today so it is important that he has told you everything exactly as it happened. I say this as I went to see the teacher about something that hadn't happened as it was told and I felt a right twit. Luckily I didn't go in "all guns loaded" but I now explain the importance of the correct story before I take it further.

Ask the teacher what she wants him to do if he has any further problems as "telling the dinner lady" clearly didn't work.

Good luck, hope you get it sorted.

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