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Wrap around care

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BathJ Sun 19-Jan-14 16:26:37

Can anyone give me an idea about how much i should be paying for wraparound care for my 4 year old please?

PedlarsSpanner Sun 19-Jan-14 16:36:01

well you need to define what you call wraparound care or rather, what you would require from wraparound care (before/afterschool, accepts your kid in school holidays and inset days and unexpected school shut days) group care (ASC) smaller setting (Childminder) and of course, the area as well. I am imagining for eg that care costs in Bristol, London, Cumbria would vary rather.

BikeRunSki Sun 19-Jan-14 16:42:27

Rural west yorks - breakfast club and walk to school (DS's old nursery) = £4
After school club, at school = £8 (3.15 pm to 6 pm)
Holiday club - school or nursery =£20, but not available every day.

BathJ Sun 19-Jan-14 16:44:18

Thanks for that - info would help! It would be from 7.30 - school drop off and then after school 3 - 5. The school does not provide wrap around care...

noramum Sun 19-Jan-14 17:30:39

SE London

Childminder £5/hr before and after school, for a whole day I pay £4/hr additional

Holiday clubs vary between £25 and £35/day

We have an after school club and I think it it £15 until 6pm, not sure what they breakfast costs are.

CatAssTrophy Sun 19-Jan-14 17:36:39

My dd started at her breakfast/after school club age 4. The school doesn't offer one. But this private one picks up kids from the local school then take them to the church hall where their club is held.

For breakfast club - 7.30-9am, it costs £7.

For after school - 3-6pm, it costs £13

So for a full day wrap around, it'd be £20.

This is regardless of what time you drop off/collect children. You're charged for the full session even if you come and pick your child up at say 3.30pm.

Then the club is open from 7.30-6pm during school holidays and in service days. This costs £25 for a full day. If you don't need your child to attend, and it's one of the days they're booked in to normally attend, you're charged a retainer of £5.

West of Scotland here.

itsahen Sun 19-Jan-14 18:47:16

£2 breakfast £7 3.20-5pm or £10 til 6 with hot dinner ... But there are lots near us with diff prices

souperb Sun 19-Jan-14 23:50:15

The going rate where we used to live (southeast) for childminders was about £10 a day for before & after school plus £1 per meal (i.e. breakfast and/or tea).

Breakfast club at school was from 8am and cost £2. There was no after school care as such.

New school is £2.70 per hour before and after school (8am - 6pm)

RussianBlu Mon 20-Jan-14 00:03:48

Prices will vary wildly depending on where you live. A childminder in central (ish) London for example will charge around £8 an hour.

hels71 Mon 20-Jan-14 12:24:02

Breakfast club £3 starts at 8.
After school club £4 an hour plus £3 pick up/drop off from her school (Club 10 miles away...)

lilyaldrin Mon 20-Jan-14 12:29:45

Where I am (Bristol) the primary school breakfast club is about £4 for 7.30am-8.45am and £8 for 3.15pm-5.45pm.

Childminders are about £4-£5 an hour

A nanny would probably be in the region of £10 an hour

Allegrogirl Mon 20-Jan-14 14:02:15

In Devon I pay £3.50 per hour or pro rata per 15/30/45 minutes for childminder. She is right next to the school. Breakfast club is £2.50, as is after school club but only available to 5.00 so we can't use it sadly.

dilbertina Mon 20-Jan-14 19:46:14

Our school has just started a "before school" club (no breakfast supplied). You can book in advance or just turn up on the day. Cost is 60p/day from 8am to school start at 8.55am or 50p/day from 8.20am. I don't need/use it at the moment but think it's a fantastic low cost option. It's a small school (70 pupils) so they are just paying one higher level TA to run it, since other staff are around to support in an emergency in any case. I do wonder if it's an option many small schools could provide if they only had the motivation.

BathJ Mon 20-Jan-14 19:57:17

Thanks everyone!

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