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Anyone used IXLMath Website & Is This Accurate Re: National Curriculum?? - Thinking of Signing Up for Year 6 DD

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RockinHippy Fri 17-Jan-14 12:55:42


Found it by accident this morning & it looks interesting & not too expensive compared to others I've seen, DD had a go at the free bit & enjoyed it.

She's above her needed target school, but due to massive test pressure this year & the teaching style of a new teacher & TBH what seems like a personality clash too being polite there she's rapidly loosing interest & confidence in a subject she's always loved & excelled at. Which is a worry & Im looking at ways to keep her interest & passion & hopefully boost her confidence too! So thinking this looks like it could be an answer, but I obviously can't afford to just waste money if its no good.

Appreciate any experience or comments on this

TIA smile

PastSellByDate Fri 17-Jan-14 16:32:38

Hi Rockin:

I don't use this but yes just looking at the topic list it does marry up with what I understand the new curriculum will be.

However if it helps information on the new curriculum (so from next school year - we're in LIMBO technically right now between old and new curriculum with schools left to do as they chose) - link to programmes of study for maths here:


RockinHippy Fri 17-Jan-14 22:41:15

Thats good to know - THANK YOU, especially for the link.

I did purchase full access to the site - I found a home ed site that where people were reviewing it independently & they were all raving about it, so I went for it any way & so far, it does look very impressive, though DD has already picked up on one area where it differs slightly from her school - I forget exactly what she said, but the site using 50 as a bench mark & her school use 40, but nothing she didn't work out quickly for herself & she says it wont impact on how she does it at school.

I've just had a look at the parent section & thats very impressive, very clear & easy to follow how she's done, flags up where she needs to improve etc, which was interesting as she was obviously understanding it all well, but a bit slap dash in how she wrote bits of it, meaning some answers were wrong, when there was no need - she is ill at the moment though, but i will keep an eye on that as it does fit with some of the problems she's had at school.

they win accolades on it & she's spent most of the afternoon on the site really enjoying it & shows she's done well, which has already boosted her confidence & she's raving about it - so its looking like money well spent smile

PastSellByDate Mon 20-Jan-14 10:59:14

Hi Rockin:

glad the link was of help and I agree with you - if your DC is enjoying it that's really the important thing.

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