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2014 KCS 7+

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WM300 Thu 16-Jan-14 16:57:13

My DS sat last weeks 7+ for KCS and I am not really clear on how they weight the various selection stages in terms of assessment. Does anyone know (from past experience!) how much importance is placed on the interview and activity day as opposed to the exam itself.

Ladyleia Fri 17-Jan-14 17:29:26

I would say that the exam is far and away the most important and they have a set mark below which they will not accept boys. I do know people that have been told that their sons were refused places on the basis of the assessment day though but only a couple.

ipreferletters Sat 18-Jan-14 23:31:09

Hi, my DS sat KCS 10+ exam, has anyone heard any results? Any interviews already planned? I cannot remember that they explained any timing for how quickly they would let us know?
I do not think he made it but he is so hopeful .... Any info gratefully received...

Ladyleia Mon 20-Jan-14 16:12:32

I think a batch of 7+ and 8+ go out on the 29th Jan but don't know about 9/10+. It should be on the kings website if you have a look.

ThisIs40 Tue 21-Jan-14 14:47:38

In answer to OP's question, here's a quote (albeit paraphrased) from the headmaster of KCS Junior school from an open morning: "It is quite within the realms of possibility that a boy who is ranked 12th, say, in terms of exam results may not get an offer and a boy who is ranked much lower down for the exams may receive an offer because he has done much better in the activity morning."

Ladyleia Tue 21-Jan-14 19:57:06

Agree with Thisis40 that DS' need to shine at all events but I do think that as long as your DS behaves well at the assessment morning, the exams will really swing it.

ipreferletters Tue 21-Jan-14 21:33:47

Hi, I still have not received any feedback at all from KCS 10+. Has any of you for 10+ or 11+ please? I believe the 7+ and 8+ are ahead of the game because their offer letters are due out on 29/1.
Anxious Mum ....

WM300 Wed 22-Jan-14 09:46:37

Thanks for the responses ThisIs40 and Ladyleia.

I guess I just need to take the view that the exam is done now and what will be will be!

perplexed2 Thu 30-Jan-14 10:02:12

KCS 7+ results should be out today ! It is going to be a long wait for the post. Can anyone confirm how many applications there were for the 7+ exams this year? I have heard lots of numbers being thrown about from 200 to 600 depending on who I speak to ! Anyone with insider knowledge on this? Good luck to everyone waiting for results....!

ThisIs40 Thu 30-Jan-14 12:09:28

I heard 400 from someone who overheard someone else asking a member of staff. Just opened post and found out DS has a place!

perplexed2 Thu 30-Jan-14 12:18:33

Well done to your DS Thisis40. It is an amazing achievement. My sister is still waiting for her post....I hope its good news for my nephew too !

ThisIs40 Thu 30-Jan-14 12:32:23

We are v pleased, but it's not our first choice and we don't hear from the other 2 schools until this weekend so our wait continues...

perplexed2 Thu 30-Jan-14 13:01:13

Thisis40 nephew is in too grin. It was their first choice so they are very pleased. Out of interest are you willing to tell which of the two other schools would be your preference?

ThisIs40 Thu 30-Jan-14 13:10:42

Colet. Well done to your nephew!

perplexed2 Thu 30-Jan-14 13:15:50

ThisIs40...I hear Colet is very tough to get into but a fabulous school. Good luck with your results !

WM300 Thu 30-Jan-14 13:47:25

Well done everyone. Just found out DS got a place too, so delighted and relieved!

CAC3 Sun 02-Feb-14 20:53:28

Does KCS have a wait or reserve list?

ThisIs40 Sun 02-Feb-14 23:41:08

Yes, KCS does have a reserve list.

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