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Europa school, Oxfordshire- any views??

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Xanado Tue 14-Jan-14 22:44:41


We are right up to the deadline for applying for schools. (DD starting reception in Sept). We live in Oxford. The ones in our catchment are too bad to even consider. We love the idea of the Europa school in Culham, as I speak German. However, we were disappointed by the open day and there is no ofsted report as yet. Any views from people who have children there? It feels like a risk, as there is so little information.

kw13 Wed 15-Jan-14 10:19:01

Am in Oxford as well. Am surprised that all primary schools near you are 'too bad to even consider' - not been my experience of living around the city. But, anyway, I have a couple of friends with children at the Europa school - there is a bus from the city out to Culham. They all speak well of the school. It can be a disadvantage not being at a school that you live close to, but for them the advantage will be being able to attend a German university if they want later in life. Have you visited the primaries near to you? Were there no redeeming features of any of them? Good luck with whatever your decision is.

vinyard68 Wed 26-Feb-14 14:05:21

Hi - we have looked at the Europa school on several occasions as our DD is bilingual German. But so far we don't feel it's the right time to apply. Killer commute to start with (we both work, unsupervised school bus for 5/6 yr old doesn't appeal). I don't think the school has quite got its strategy sorted, it wants to teach the European curriculum but is subject to UK exams and inspections. And I am worried about the fact that it is 100% financed by the UK government, with targets for schools constantly shifting. We will keep a close watch, though.

1805 Wed 26-Feb-14 18:28:35

I have friends in the german section, and they love it!

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