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Dulwich College unior School or Eltham College Junior School- Confused

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Manji Wed 08-Jan-14 13:30:02

I live in Blackheath. My Son is in year 2 in a State school in Blackheath. I am planning to put him in Private school from year 3 onwards and have registered with Dulwich College Junior School and Eltham College Junior School. He just wrote his assessment in Dulwich and will be writing the same for Eltham very soon.
With God's grace if he gets both, I need to decide which one to choose for.

We visited both the schools as part of parent's open morning and impressed with both the school. I need some advise/guidance on which School to choose from between the 2. Also considering that we are planning to buy a property locally, any advice more than helpful. We are planning for a 3-4 bed detached or semi detached. We looked at Dulwich area, there is not many houses close to school with the price range (max 450k), What is the best place to live considering the property prices.

And in Eltham, I am receiving mixed responses about the local area, Mottingham or NewEltham is what I have been suggested again not much details.

I would appreciate if you can throw some light on the 1st choosing the school between Eltham Junior School and Dulwich College Junior school and then the Property around that area.

Thanks a lot for your time and advice.

hatsybatsy Wed 08-Jan-14 14:33:32

We'll be having this dilemma in years to come!

Dulwich - nice place to live but very expensive and (although I'm biased) I don't think it's as nice as Blackheath. The school is a traditional public school - so although it does have an entry point as 11, it retains the traditional entry point at 13 which is when the junior school boys (and those from traditional feeder preps) arrive. The majority transfer to the senior school but (I think) the school prepares them for a general common entrance exam which would mean transferring to a different public school at 13 should be straightforward. This gives it koudos which is important to some. It's an impressive school.

Eltham - there are nice place to live round the school - North Park? West Park? And they are cheaper than Dulwich - more suburban. The shopping centres of Eltham and Grove Park are not great - not villagey like Dulwich. The junior school boys transfer up to the senior school at 11 and I don't think the school prepares them for other entry exams. The school does well. Very solid. Less grand than Dulwich. BUT the A level results have been on a par for several years now.

Only you can choose! They are both good schools. Dulwich has better sports facilities (and access to obscure sports like rowing) that perhaps Eltham doesn't. Dulwich is more expensive, and more of a traditional puble school. Eltham is more down to earth. Go and visit again?

beautifulgirls Wed 08-Jan-14 21:10:35

Chislehurst is not so far from Eltham college and a much nicer area than Mottingham and Eltham overall I think. Can't tell you anything about how to choose between the schools other than go with your gut feeling.

pinkdelight Thu 09-Jan-14 09:41:37

Don't know about the schools, sorry, but Mottingham is horrible! Don't move there. You won't get a detached for 450k anywhere near Dulwich, but might get a 3-bed semi in Sydenham, West/Upper Norwood and parts of Gipsy Hill or Crystal Palace which are all handy for Dulwich College.

NynaevesSister Thu 09-Jan-14 11:20:27

Wa going to say what Pink Delight said. Although you can get a fantastic Victorian period place in say West Norwood or Tulse Hill, neither has a nice sort of centre to it, and the south circular sweeping through Tulse Hill isn't pleasant either.

You may be able to get a three bed around Gipsy Hill or two bed in West Dulwich or East Dulwich for that. These areas all have the advantage of being a fairly flat walk to Dulwich Village. I would say that from Gipsy Hill roundabout at top of Croxted Road to Dulwich College is an easy 15 min walk.

Crystal Palace has a really great community/vibe going on in the centre. Lots of families live in the area. Fox Hill side is just gorgeous and very leafy too with stunning views although you'd need to either bus or drive to school. The park is also a major plus point.

I'd also look at the Dulwich side of Sydenham Hill. And of course there is Herne Hill, but I doubt you'd find much there in your budget.

I think the only way you can decide is to go visit the areas. Chislehurst is lovely and hand for Bromley too but I don't know much about it.

Helpyourself Thu 09-Jan-14 11:27:29

Dulwich. Definitely. For the school and the area. Crystal Palace and Sydenham are cheaper, but there's a large catchment area for the college so you could bide your time. Detached houses are squillions but terraces and semi detached as well as mansion flats are cheaper.
There's a reliable school bus service from Blackheath.

meditrina Thu 09-Jan-14 11:30:50

I don't think the description of how boys progress through Dulwich is quite right.

Boys from Dulwich Prep (a totally separate school) transfer at 13+ if Dulwich College is their preferred destination and they get a place (which many do), and are well prepared for a range of destination schools.

Boys in Dulwich College Junior School progress up the year groups (unless not performing to standard, in which case parents are advised in good time about likely need to seek another school - similar to most/all through schools), and move into the Lower School of the College in year 7 (with new joiners) and into the Middle School at year 9 (with new joiners).

The reputation of Dulwich College under the current head is very high. I don't know anything about Eltham College.

hatsybatsy Thu 09-Jan-14 11:49:30

I stand corrected on the Dulwich schools! I guess the junior/upper school split in the senior school is what differentiates it from Eltham? And I know Dulwich almost doubles in size in year 9?

For Eltham, I don't really see any point in moving to Chislehurst (lovely though it is) - Blackheath is just as close and you won't get any more house for your money...

Manji Tue 04-Feb-14 15:07:12

Thanks for your valuable feedback. Its now a waiting game. Waiting for the results for both. One common message I sense is 'Visit the local area' to see it yourself. Though I have a good insight on the area around Blackheath (If it is Eltham College), I would visit Here Hill, Crystal Palace to get a know-how on the area.
I was also considering looking in and around Beckenham/Clock House and drive to Dulwich? Is this an option. Given the Property Rate, I am assuming this is a safe bet. I will keep this thread open ..
Again thanks a mil for your feedback.

hemz80 Sat 08-Feb-14 16:12:45

Can i ask, where did you choose? We're in the same dilemma

noramum Sat 08-Feb-14 16:37:21

From Beckenham to Dulwich is over 1/2 hour on the weekend. I would think the roads are packed during morning rush hour. I think you just can drive over and try out.

Mottingham is a big no. Chiselhurst is nice but can be expensive.

JammieCodger Sun 09-Feb-14 21:58:57

I think you need to have a look at Rightmove. You'll be pushed to get a 3-bed place in Beckenham for less than £500,000 at the moment.

Manji Fri 21-Mar-14 10:40:06

Just and update my DS got in Eltham. But we are considering now for options on Co-Ed. I am going to open a separate thread asking few details in this regard. I take this opportunity to everyone who has contributed to this thread.

Alchemst Thu 09-Feb-17 23:38:13


we're in exactly the same boat. Our DS has got into both Eltham and Dulwich Prep...Which do we go for???
Eltham sounds great in that he'll be there till the end.
Dulwich will be a test at 13+, as he is not guaranteed a place in the College.
What do we do??

coldandold Fri 10-Feb-17 10:23:37

Dulwich Prep is an absolutely brilliant school - really can't fault it.

Yes they have to sit common entrance at 13 but they are very well prepared for it and most do brilliantly - more than half end up with scholarships to their senior schools.

I'm pretty sure you'd have absolutely no problem getting a 13+ place at Eltham from DPL. As for moving on to Dulwich College, nearly half of the DL leavers go there each year and about 2/3 of those get scholarships.

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