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How much to expect to pay for second hand private school uniform?

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ReastieYuleANBU Sat 04-Jan-14 16:56:24

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this one? I'm in facebook contact with someone who has some nursery uniform for DD I'm wanting to buy. She didn't put up an advert to sell it, I asked on a local board if anyone had anything and turns out she has quite a bit she hadn't got around to taking to the second hand uniform sale.

Said uniform sale is when I work and tbh this seems an easy option as she has everything we need so I wouldn't need to root around a sale for bits and pieces.

She hasn't got back to me with prices ye but just wondering to get a feel for these things how much would be expected/reasonable/value for second hand preschool uniform at a private school? I looked at the new cost of the items and nearly had a heart attack shock so not sure what second hand value is.

She may well be wondering the same thing for all I know and see this thread grin

Danann Mon 06-Jan-14 04:50:53

At DDs school to buy second hand through the school second hand shop it is

£5 for pinafores and summer dresses (£40 new)
£2 for shirts and PE shirts (£12 new)
£15 blazer (£88 new)
£25 coat (£75 new)
£3 jumper, skorts and fleece (£22 new)

All the money goes to the PTA though, not the seller and anything not in good enough condition is donated to a school in a different country.

It is worth having a look round for the non logo stuff online as our winter dress is actually cheaper from Harrods than it is from the uniform shop our school uses shock

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