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Valentine's Disco at primary...

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ThreeTomatoes Mon 16-Dec-13 19:22:47

AIBU to not like this idea? Normally dd's school have a Christmas disco but last year they didn't manage to organise it (not enough parent volunteers) so they ended up having a Valentine's Disco. dd's classmates (yr5) got into their heads that they had to go with a partner, and dd got a 'yes' from a boy who then broke to her the day before the disco that he couldn't go. She was so upset, but luckily confirming with her teacher that of course that wasn't the intention of the disco (i never believed it was but she didn't believe me, she thought she couldn't go & anyway wanted to go with him, plus was worried she was now going to be the only one without a 'partner'...) - however, shopping for a dress cheered her up and I'm pleased to say she happily went along anyway, independent-like, and had fun with her friends.

Anyway, the PTA are planning another one this year and I've a good mind to email them my feelings about it. dd is now in yr6 and has a 'boyfriend' (very loose term!!) so is expecting to 'go with' him. I just think it's a bit inappropriate to have a 'Valentine's' disco for primary age kids. FHS why can't they just make it a 'spring' or 'winter' disco?? What do others think? WIBU to drop them an email about this? There are no plans set in stone yet, they've just mentioned that they want to plan one and have asked for volunteers to help organise it etc, so there would still be time for them to rethink the name.

ThreeTomatoes Tue 17-Dec-13 19:27:42

Sapphire they're proposing a Valentine's disco (as there was one last year when the xmas disco fell through, which has also happened this year) and have so far just put a shout out for volunteers to help organise one again this year, for February! Hence I'm hoping I've caught it in the early stages and they're persuaded to change the name.

So glad there seems to be a consensus so far that agrees with me (apart from the American, but if we were in the US I'm sure i wouldn't have thought anything of it smile)

Oh and yes -totally agree about secondary, in a way I'd imagine a Valentine's disco would be an even worse idea then!! I can't imagine anything more horrifying, thinking back. (Though I went to a girls' school grin)

SapphireMoon Tue 17-Dec-13 19:35:19

Oh I get it now ThreeTomatoes!
However, why not just a Spring Disco?
Valentines just bit yukky at primary.

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