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Can someone talk to me about 'writing intervention' in year 3.

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feelingfuckingfestiveok Mon 09-Dec-13 18:49:49

I never had any concerns about DS (7) learning generally as he seemed able to cope with school work.

He left year 2 end of KS1 with the following levels:

Writing 2a
Reading 3
Numeracy 3
Science 3
Speaking and Listening 2

I know these are 1-2 sub levels above the nationally expected averages for his age/stage - so pleased. I started to think he is in a good position to begin drip feeding the odd age appropriate 11+ paper and started to play scrabble bought him a 'more grown up' dictionary to help extend his vocab.

We left a recent parents evening feeling everything on track. Today we have recieved a scantily worded letter asking us to confirm we will support a 'writing intervention' this includes small group work and additional homework.

I have spoken to DS class teacher (but who is not his literacy teacher) who has said he has made progress but not as much as they think he is capable of. Not to push them as such but to make sure he is doing his as much as he can. They will be in groups of 6 to 8 as they have some spare 'time within the staff'

This term DS has been moved several times for being chatty or not settling to work as quick. Other than this low level stuff he does not have any other behavioural issues.

I feel like he's gone from bobbing along nicely to needing 'intervention'. Should we be worried?

feelingfuckingfestiveok Mon 09-Dec-13 20:37:49


Neverhere Mon 09-Dec-13 20:42:47

I wouldn't be worried. It may be that he's hit a bit of a plateau in his writing and they just want to get things moving again! It's normal for kids learning to have highs and lows. It's great that they have identified this and he will get some small group support (very rare! And the kids love it). It's very likely to be a short term thing and will only help.

cleverinstite Mon 09-Dec-13 20:48:48

I can, I'm a Primary School Teacher of 20 years experience.
First off, don't panic, the school would not recommend that your DS had some intervention/support - call it what you like - unless they felt he needed some.
How much do you trust the school?
Is it not a good thing that the school has spotted that your DS might need a bit of focussed time in a small group or 1:1?
Go back and speak to your DS's Literacy teacher and ask what the reasons are for the intervention, and what the purpose of it is. Get some specifics and make your decision from there.
Ask questions like; How are you assessing his need? How will you measure the effectiveness of the support? (turn a little of the school's 'teacherspeak' back on to them!)
And above all, if your DS needs a little help, don't be embarrassed about it, embrace it and be on hand to help and advise with that 'additional homework.'

feelingfuckingfestiveok Mon 09-Dec-13 20:49:20

Thanks Neverhere that's reassuring...ive had him dyspraxic and all sorts. He does have his quirks but seems bright.

I am going to put time aside for DS and I without his little sister to complete homework for this new thing in a calmer manner.

sittingbythefairylights Mon 09-Dec-13 20:53:09

Also, there is a huge drive to push progress in key stage 2. If he ended key stage 1 as a 2a, the school would probably absolutely love him to hit a level 5 at end year 6. Frankly, they cannot afford to let him coast, so intervention now is a good thing.

feelingfuckingfestiveok Mon 09-Dec-13 21:17:07

Oh god thanks for that sitting I hope that is the case as it seems to fit the school profile:

100% level 4's at KS2
48 % level 5 in English and Maths in year 6

(bbc website stats)

There last Ofsted was outstanding and they have all these awards..leading aspect (I think). I just wish the letter had been more detailed.

But if I need to lower my expectations re grammar school entry then so be it if his literacy is going to pull his score down. I want to support him on a path that is best for him.

feelingfuckingfestiveok Mon 09-Dec-13 21:31:50

Sorry clever I missed your post.

Yes I plan to speak to his Literacy teacher - oh yes i wouldnt want him overlooked and find he has not reached his target grade.

This was based on an assessed piece they do called 'the big write'. I plan to ask:

What his current level is and his target level.
How this programme differs - work/hours/teacher?
How long it lasts
Is it in house or a national programme
Will progress be tracked within the normal assessment cycle or as part of this programme

I have expressed concern about the amount of times he has come home from school and said he was moved re not working.

He has always had issues of pace.

I used to teach secondary - prmary is all foreign to me but they seem pretty tightly organised homework/projects/level of intergrated teaching. it all seems impressive. But I do like to know stops me from worrying.

The other thing is I feel I like to keep on the ball, DH and I were never pushed, education not seen as high priority. We are both relatively sucessful in what we've done but obviously (especially me) wonder how may other options we would have had. So we kinda have high expectations. We also live in a competative grammar/excellent schools type of locality.

feelingfuckingfestiveok Tue 10-Dec-13 10:04:08

Seeing teacher this afternoon

Thanks all. I will update in case anyone else comes across this.

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